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dudeabides 03-18-2013 10:52 PM

Bellator FC 93: Dave Jansen vs Marcin Held

dudeabides 03-21-2013 11:59 PM


R1: Jansen starts with an outside low kick. And another. They collide with mutual combinations, both landing evenly. Held flies into Jansen and finds the mark with a few short uppercuts before attempting a double leg but settling for a body lock on the fence. Jansen cinches up a guillotine the next time Held lowers levels for a takedown and uses the threat of it to circle off the fence. They break the clinch and restart in the center at the 3-minute mark.

Jansen connects on another low kick but whiffs on his double jabs. Jansen plants a stiff left, they both land hard lefts mutually and Held slices a straight right through. Upholding a frenetic pace, Held again initiates a clinch and hammers a series of uppercuts through. Held just misses with a knee from the single collar tie when they tie up on the next exchange. We have a high pace and flying leather aplenty here. Jansen sights in his own uppercut just before the horn sounds. Both fighters were aggressive and landed their fair share of effective punches. Held might've had a tiny edge in landing power shots but I see that as an extremely even round. 10-10.

R2: Held uncorks a stream of punches and lowers levels nicely to nail a double leg. Jansen gets full guard and closes it. Jansen tries to scoot back to the fence but Held stays on him, looking to pass to side control. Jansen hits a beautiful sweep and rolls on top of Held, positioning his grip for a D'arce choke that Held squirts out of. Held rolls into his signature leg lock and then transitions to the toe hold. Jansen perseveres through a prolonged chess match and ends up in full mount.

Held gets a leg in and goes to half guard, then angles for an armbar, which turns out to be bait for another leg lock attempt. Jansen stays out of trouble again and bombs down solid ground-and-pound from the top, replete with punches, elbows and heavy elbows to the body. Held squirms for another leg lock but Jansen is anticipating and countering with legit ground strikes. 10-9 Jansen, as his defense and ground-and-pound was more effective than Held's lack of defense and submission attempts.

R3: Jansen lands a low kick and comes up high with a right. Jansen with a prodding jab betwixt leg kicks. Held looking flat-footed and winded. Whoa. A mere fake from Jansen causes Held to nearly stumble backward. Jansen teeing off with low kicks but an exhausted Held times a single leg and puts Jansen on his back. Jansen scrambles free and gets back to his feet. Held shoots half-heartedly on a Jansen uppercut and pulls guard when it fails.

It proves wise, as Held angles for an armbar and then switches to an omoplata. Jansen is expecting the transition to the toe hold but Held brilliantly switches to an inverted heel hook when he does. This one is much closer but Jansen keeps his balance and punches his way out. Held tries to lock up an arm with 15 seconds left but it's too late. 10-9 Jansen for a 30-28 his way overall on my card.

All 3 judges have it 29-28 for Dave Jansen, who defeats Marcin Held by unanimous decision.

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