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dudeabides 09-07-2013 02:45 PM

Bellator FC 106: Eddie Alvarez vs Michael Chandler

Stun Gun 11-02-2013 11:31 PM

why is this closeedd I still have timeeee

dudeabides 11-02-2013 11:43 PM

I just used the estimated times and they have a lot of 5 rounders tonight but I opened it for ya.

Stun Gun 11-02-2013 11:45 PM

thanks. Yeah I didn't even think this card would still be on haha

dudeabides 11-03-2013 12:43 AM


Round 1 - John McCarthy oversees this highly anticipated lightweight rematch between champ Chandler and ex-champ Alvarez. No touch of gloves. Chandler lands a jab off the bat, and then stings Alvarez in a follwow up. Instantly, Alvarez is on his bicycle. Chandler misses a winging shot and trips. after a clash of heads. He lands a body kick. Alvarez chases with punches. Next exchange nets nothing. Chandler popping that jab, then reeling off a body kick. Alvarez appears closer in exchanges. Chandler misses in exchanges and Alvarez attempts a takedown against the cage. Chandler easily stuffs it. Nice jab for Alvarez. He lands a glancing overhand right. Chandler loads up and misses on an uppercut. Alvarez evades a charging right from Chandler. Straight right for Chandler, then follow up lands. Alvarez on his bike. Another scores for Chandler, who's attempting to corner his foe and land the big shot. Alvarez circling, then replying with hooks. He lands a left hand in the next exchange, and Chandler keeps pressing forward. Chandler missing with big, lunching punches. He catches a kick and then deposits Alvarez to the mat with a big slam. In a flash, he's got the choke position, but he doesn't have the hooks, and after a tense moment, Alvarez escapes. Alvarez ducking and gets warned for a clash of heads. Curran lands a knee in close and decides to stay down, goading Alvarez to end a frenetic, action-packed round that scores 10-9 for Chandler.

Round 2 - Chandler pushes Alvarez back with a jab. head movement from the champ, but he eats a jab. Bit right hand for Chandler, who dances off kick counter. Alvarez catches Chandler coming in with a left hook, then an overhand right. Stiff jab for the champ. Alvarez again on his bike. Nice lead right for Alvarez. Alvarez is still ducking in as Chandler leaps in, and McCarthy warns him. Activer jab from Chandler. Alvarez thinks a takedown, but it's easily stuffed. Alvarez leaps with a right and misses. Chandler's pace insane. He chases for a takedown, but gets nothing. Alvarez tries a jab. Chandler takes a right hand. His left eye is swelling. Chandler kicks into a takedown then twice slams Alvarez to the mat. A brief stall as both fighters contemplate options. Chandler settles fo the back and then slams again, but when he goes for the choke, Alvarez escapes. Chandler still working for takedown against the fence, and Eddie working short punches as he sits against the cage. Fight stalls. Alvarez works back to his feet and escapes. Chandler right on him. Uppercut and hook lands for Alvarez, and Chandler does an Anderson Silva impression. Alvarez tries to land the finishing blow, but Chandler takes the fight down. scores the second frame for Alvarez, 10-9, tying the fight at 19-19.

Round 3 - Alvarez leads with several combos ,and Chandler fires back. Alvarez lands in close with a kick, and Chandler drives for a takedown after attempting to even the score. They trade jabs, and Chandler circles before thrusting a side kick. Chandler attacks the body, but it seems he's more interested in a takedown than before. Alvarez's sprawl is strong, and they wind up against the cage with Chandler trying to complete a trip to the mat. He shucks Eddie off and they reset. Alvarez attacks the body, and Chandler ducks under for a takedown. The champ is considerably more flat-footed, and Alvarez is landing more. Chandler drives again for a takedown and can't get it. Alvarez wheels around to his back and attempts to get the takedown. It seems Chandler is tiring, but he's still in the game. Less than two minutes to go, and Alvarez is pushing for the takedown. Crazy pace. Chandler wings a hook into a takedown and tries again for a choke against the cage. He doesn't have the hook, and Alvarez rights himself. Chandler adjusts, though, and completes the takedown with under 30 seconds to go. Round ends without much fanfare. scores the third frame for Alvarez, 10-9, for a 29-28 score leading into the championship rounds.

Round 4 - Doctors have checked on Chandler's eye and said it's OK. The champ comes out with fast jabs, and he's back to pressing forward. This time, he isn't there for the counter. Alvarez chasing him. Chandler loading up for a big punch counter. Out of nowhere, Chandler leaps into a knee and sends Alvarez backward. They exchange more punches before Chandler wins a scramble and gets top position on the mat. He works short shots as Alvarez tries to defend. A right hand slips through, and then several more. Big elbows follow, and Alvarez seems in a bad way. His head is bouncing off the mat, and his left eye is now bleeding badly. Two minutes left in the round, but if more big shots land, he might not survive. Finally, he kicks his legs out to disrupt Chandler's posture. Alvarez turns to his side, and Chandler pounds him with right hands, but he turns back and ties things up. Alvarez, near the fence, gets warned for grabbing the cage. They've drifted to the edge, and Chandler is working the body and head. scores the frame 10-9 for the champ, and the fight is even 38-38.

Round 5 - They come out swinging big time in the fifth and final round. Chandler is loose and circling. Alvarez is chasing does strikes, and nearly walks into a flying knee. Chandler ducks under against the cage and tries a takedown. he's baiting Alvarez in and then lands a big uppercut that rocks Alvarez. He nabs the takedown and quickly takes Alvarez's back, but despite a few tense seconds can't get the rear-naked choke. Alvarez hand fights and manages to reverse position against the cage, where he knees the legs. Chandler bucks and the two take center-cage, trading punches. Chandler grabs a leg and gives it up. His left leg is almost completely swollen shut. He misses a punch and Alvarez has him against the cage, loading up. Alvarez unloads punches and has Chandler on the ropes. Chandler tries to escape, and Alvarez seizes upon a rear-nake choke. Chandler narrowly escapes, but Alvarez has it again. Somehow, Chandler escapes again, and Alvarez has his back against the cage. After a few tense moments, Chandler is able to reverse and land a few shots. But Alvarez is up. Chandler elevates him and gets the takedown, and the round ends. Both men congratulate each other on an another amazing fight. scores the final frame for Alvarez, 10-9, and the fight 48-47.

Result: Eddie Alvarez def. Michael Chandler via split decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47)

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