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dudeabides 09-18-2013 03:47 PM

Bellator FC 100: Rick Hawn vs Herman Terrado

dudeabides 09-20-2013 10:23 PM


R1: Terrado hurls a haymaker after a tentative start on both sides and Hawn locks up an Olympic level clinch on the fence. Terrado does well in holding his balance and underhooking, then fires off short rights and a front kick when Hawn backs off. Terrado, normally a lunatic, is fighting uncharacteristically complacent. Oh, there we go: Terrado uncorks a massive right, charges forward with another kick and then dirty boxes when Hawn counter-clinches.

Now Hawn throws a front snap kick and continues to paw with his left hook, but commit to nothing. Terrado sits down on a vicious medley that backs Hawn up, who again counter-clinches to stem the tide. Hawn circles Terrado onto the fence and they trade left hands. Hawn tries to bump the hip and hit an outside trip but Terrado's balance is strong. Close round -- I'll go 10-9 Terrado for the more effective striking, as Hawn's only effective offense was clinch control.

R2: Leaping overhand right from Terrado, then another hopping kick followed by a nasty uppercut that just misses. Hawn lets a right go but Terrado stuffs two punches right back in his face. Now Hawn commits to a one-two to set up his clinch entry and settles for the 50/50 with Terrado's back on the cage. Terrado lands a knee to the body. Jimmy Smith credits Hawn's clinch control when Terrado is the more effective striker on the feet and negating Hawn's clinch control (which doesn't even score) with knees and dirty boxing.

Terrado uncorks another huge flurry that puts Hawn in retreat mode. A nice 3-punch combo from Hawn that partially lands. Hawn still pawing with his left hook and cornering Terrado. Left hook from Hawn and a straight right from Terrado. Hawn removes Terrado's footing with a sharp inside low kick and then attempts a standing back fist, which is kind of weird. Hawn gaining more confidence in his stand up and plants his feet with another combo to get in the clinch. Hawn hits a takedown seconds before the bell; Terrado's right back up. 10-9 Hawn as the clinch control is now accompanied by a better striking display from the Judoka, and Terrado landed nothing of note.

R3: Left, left and overhand right from Hawn. Another overhand right. Terrado's pace and overall sizzle have noticeably declined. Hawn faking with his jab and keeping the threat of his clinch attack on Terrado's mind. The jab flies loose from Hawn, who then plants on a classic 1-2-3 combo. Hawn is darting forward with his hands up to feint a clinch and then trying to sweep Terrado's lead foot out when he plants, but can't get it this time. Slick ploy though.

Terrado's punches have lost mustard and he even attempts a takedown. Hawn triples up his jab and Terrado almost loses his balance after winging another meatball. Hawn is as fresh as in the first round and just out-hustling Terrado with methodical kickboxing and clinching. Hawn's piston-like jab now dictating the range and pace. Terrado finally unrolls a stiff left just as the bell sounds and he and Hawn exchange some unfriendly words. 10-9 Hawn for a 29-28 his way by my tally.

Rick Hawn defeats Herman Terrado by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x 2)

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