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dudeabides 10-08-2013 11:35 PM

Bellator FC 103: Justin Wilcox vs Joe Taimanglo

dudeabides 10-11-2013 10:26 PM


R1: Taimanglo troops out and chambers a front-leg side kick. Right/left/right combo from Taimanglo with some mustard on them, and Wilcox counter clinches but then disengages. Taimanglo hand speed might prove to be an issue based on the early exchanges, largely consisting of heavy rights and busy jabs from "Baby Joe." Now Wilcox plants his feet on a pair of rights but they glance.

Wilcox finally capitalizes on Taimanglo's pressure by changing levels for a double leg that he gets by switching his angle. Wilcox gets a high half guard and jabs short, grinding punches and forearms to the head. Taimanglo boxes the ears (Ode to Bas Rutten?) but inevitably gets suffocated by Wilcox's top pressure. 10-9 Wilcox.

R2: Taimanglo throws a spinning roundhouse kick but nothing's doing. Taimanglo keeps changing up his stance and stinging with quick and crisp punches. They collide and Wilcox goes down but looks to have slipped. Taimanglo switches to southpaw and slices a stiff left to the jaw. Wilcox changes levels for the double just before the round's midpoint.

It's back to half guard for Wilcox, but this time Taimanglo tries to create space by shrimping out with a stiff arm to the head. After a tense chess match, it works and Taimanglo gradually gets back to his feet. But it's all for naught -- Wilcox plants on him back immediately and commences his blender-like assault. Taimanglo works for kimura position from half guard but it doesn't even interrupt Wilcox's grinding. 10-9 Wilcox.

R3: Taimanglo is on his back quickly. He has full guard this time and keeps it open to finagle a triangle, but it's too lose. It backs Wilcox off enough to create room for escape and Wilcox nearly takes his back but ends up on top in half guard. Wilcox slithers forward with a head-and-arm choke attempt that's a decent threat before Taimanglo breaks his grip.

Wilcox focuses more on position this time, seeking to pass into full mount. Taimanglo anticipates it and Wilcox goes back to half guard, still looking to loosen his trapped leg to improve position. Nearing a stalemate, Wilcox wisely postures and showers down a volley of left hammerfists and punches. Wilcox gets a good base and postures up with whirring left and rights. Despite being on the wrong end of the output and size ratio, Taimanglo defends it all well, stays busy and shows a big heart. 10-9 Wilcox for a 30-27 overall on my card.

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