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dudeabides 08-16-2010 10:20 PM

Bellator FC 25: Zoila Frausto vs Jessica Pene

attention 08-19-2010 08:35 PM

boring match... zoila takin no risks... but damn, she walks around at 155 and cuts to 115! crazy

dudeabides 08-19-2010 08:40 PM

At least we got the bet right, Frausto via UD:


Round 1 – Pene is undefeated at 7-0. Will she meet her match tonight against the 7-1 “The Warrior Princess”? Mr. Jorge is in Frausto’s corner of course. Pene looks ready. She’s a bit taller and lankier. Zoila attacks first with a body kick, then a leg kick to body kick combo. Zoila gets her kick caught and Pene pushes her into the fence. Clinched. Pene with a couple knees, looking for the takedown. Frausto appears to be stronger in the clinch. Pene still pushing her into the fence, Zoila reverses and puts Pene into the fence, puts some knees on her. Pene grabs a head lock but Zoila gets out and they square up in the center. Frausto lands a counter right. Big leg kick for Zoila. Front kick from Pene and Zoila lands a big left that seemed to stun Pene. Clinched. Zoila throws her off and lands a head kick that is blocked, but she still felt it I guarantee ya. Leg kick Pene but eats a punch for her trouble. Pene shoots, tries to pull guard but Zoila gets away. Superwoman to kick combo by Zoila as the bell sounds. Zoila wins that one all the way (Jack 10-9 Zoila) (Richard 10-9 Zoila).

Round 2 – Leg kick from Zoila. Nice leg kick. Zoila is poerful with her kicks. Front push kick from Pene. Pene tries to shoot in but gets stopped with a punch that glances. Pene trying to set up the shot, she clinches, Zoila turns her around puts her against the fence. Zoila puts some knees on her, pressing her against the cage. Pene reverses position, Zoila has a body lock and reverses Pene to the fence. Nice one two punch from Frausto. Pene fires back but misses. Leg kick Zoila, then a push kick. Pene throws a knee and gets put up against the fence. One minute left in the round. Pene goes for an inside trip but Zoila too strong. Knees to the thigh from Zoila. They square up. They clinch. Zoila gets her to the ground and lands some poundage before the bell. (Jack 10-9 Zoila) (Richard 10-10 Zoila).

Round 3 – Left hook from Pene. Leg kick from Zoila. Leg kick Pene. Leg kick Zoila then she throws Pene to the ground. A few body shots from Zoila as Pene gets to her feet. Clinched against the cage, Zoila throws her off. Left hook from Pene is blocked. They trade jabs, both landing. Pene shoots under Zoila’s punch but gets stuffed. Knee to the body from Pene. Zoila slings her against the cage and pushes her into the cage. Two minutes to go. Powerful knee to the thigh from Zoila. Zoila pushes her off and they square up. Pene coming forward and misses with a kick. Nice spinning back kick lands for Frausto. Head kick from Pene is blocked. Again. Pene shoots, grabs a single but Zoila much too strong just pushes her off. Zoila throws her down, front kick as Pene comes forward and the bell sounds. (Jack 10-9 for the round and 30-27 for the fight for Zoila) (Richard 10-9 for the round and 30-28 for Zoila)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Zoila Frausto def. Jessica Pene by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Wookie 08-23-2010 01:53 AM

Zoila is a beast. She looked a good two weight classes bigger. And she completely dominated the entire fight, and still wasn't satisfied with her performance. Can't wait to see her next fight.

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