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dudeabides 09-08-2010 04:13 AM

Bellator FC 28: Rich Clementi vs Carey Vanier

dudeabides 09-09-2010 09:37 PM

Best fight of the night to watch even though we lose forum money, was close but Vanier gets the decision:


Rich Clementi vs. Carey Vanier - Round 1 - Clementi stalking and eats a right hand from Vanier. Right hand from Vanier lands as a counter to the leg kick of Clementi. Rich ducks down and drives through a takedown and quickly gets to mount. The hooks are in now. Vanier almost turns to end up on top but Clementi re-secures the back and locks in a body triangle. Rich being patient looking for a rear naked choke. Vanier manages to turn and end up on top. Clementi almost losks in an armbar but Vanier powers out. The round ends and it was 10-9 Clementi.

Round 2 - Both men throwing early but not landing until Clementi cracks him with a leg kick. Nice combination by Vanier finished with a body shot. Rich pushes in looking for a takedown and Vanier can't avoid even when he grabs the cage. Vanier tries to stand up and Clementi tries to take the back but Vanier turns and ends up on top. Clementi grabs a leg and uses it to stand up. A few punches from Rich. Clementi tries for the takedown and Vanier ends up on top. In the scramble Vanier tries to secure a guillotine but can't get it and they stand only to have Vanier take him back down. 10-9 Vanier

Round 3 - Nice straight left by Vanier. Takedown by Vanier now and he's in side control. Clementi spins and Vanier tries to take the back. Vanier tells him to stand back up and lands a knee once they're back to the feet and then shoots for a takedown. As they work against the cage Vanier lands two big illegal knees as Clementi's hand was on the ground. Rich is bleeding badly. They resume the fight now. Clementi looks to jump guard into a guillotine and can't finish. Vanier on top now. The fight ends and I have it 29-28 Vanier.

Official scorecards: 29-28 Vanier, 29-28 Clementi, 29-28 Vanier. Carey Vanier wins by split decision.

attention 09-09-2010 09:37 PM


ugh, wtf!

I have NO idea how the refs gave that to Vanier :thumbsdown:

The Horticulturist 09-09-2010 10:14 PM

Poor Clementi.

I hope he doesn't retire too soon. He's great to watch

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