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dudeabides 10-27-2010 10:36 PM

Bellator FC 34: Dragan Tesanovic vs Mike Bernhard

dudeabides 10-28-2010 08:42 PM

Bernhard takes the DEC:


Round 1 - Tesanovic standing southpaw to start the fight. Bernhard whiffs on a right straigh to the body, left hook to the head. Middle kick lands for Tesanovic. Bernhard charges in with a similar combo and hits nothing but air. Coming in Bernhard charges again, but eats a nicely timed left from Tesanovic. Bernhard, however, is able to land a takedown against the fence. Tesanovic back to his feet. Both fighters jockey for position and underhooks along the cage. Tesanovic spending more time with his back against the cage. Referee Troy Waugh separates them. Bernhand charges in again with his chin high in the air and positionally linear. Both fighters clinch along the fence. Referee Waugh separates them again. Tesanovic lands a knee to Bernhard's middle but is taken down as the round ends. Not much action. Bernhard the aggressor, but Tesanovic lands the better shots. Tesanovic 10-9.

Round 2 - Tesanovic is switching stances now and getting more aggressive now. Tesanovic lands several low kicks and a left hand. The referee stops the fight temporarily due to an eye injury. The action resumes. Low kick lands for Tesanovic, but Bernhard lands overhand right. Bernhard lands inside leg kick. Now Tesanovic claims he was poked, but the action is halted only for a few seconds. Hard inside leg kick by Tesanovic. Beautiful left hand from Tesanovic catches Bernhard walking straight. The fighters clinch along the fence as Bernhard pressures Tesanovic there. Bernhard trips Tesanovic to the mat. Bernhard passes to side control after Tesanovic initially opted for Butterfly guard. Bernhard takes the back and is able to sink a deep RNC, but Tesanovic is saved as the round ends. 10-9 Bernhard.

Round 3 - Tesanovic lands nice, tight uppercut on Bernhard. Inside leg kick lands for Bernhard, but the American seems more hesitant. Another inside leg kick for Bernhard. Right hand lands for Bernhard and more small inside leg kicks. Another inside leg kick for Bernhard, but it's more of a flick than a driving strike. The crowd begins to boo due to a lack of action. Tesanovic throws a big punch, but misses wildly. Bernhard is literally shadow boxing right in front of Tesanovic. Almost no action, but Bernhard did a touch more. 10-9 Bernhard. scores the bout 29-28 Bernhard. The judges score is 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 all for the winner Mike Bernhard.

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