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dudeabides 04-21-2011 06:12 PM

Bellator FC 42: DJ Linderman vs Richard Hale

dudeabides 04-23-2011 11:07 PM

Close one, Hale wins:


Round 1 - Hale opens up with a leg kick, then another. Linderman seems to be moving better than he was in his last fight. Now Linderman is landing good combos, following up leg kicks with two punches. Hale lands a left that staggers Linderman, but he's back up quick. Linderman is being more cautious now. Hale throws a head kick that barely misses. Hale is making good use of his reach, but Linderman is still able to get in and land on him. Hale is bleeding from under one eye. Both fighters are showing some powerful striking when they connect. Hale unloads on Linderman, he's rocked but still up. That's the round. I think I give it to Hale 10-9 just for actually staggering Linderman a couple of times.

Round 2 - Linderman lands a spinning back fist that rocks Hale, then he clinches Hale on the cage. Linderman gets a takedown but Hale is right back up. They clinch and trade knees. Accidental low blow by Hale. They get back to it after giving Linderman a minute to recover. Both guys are landing some power shots. Hale is keeping up the leg kicks. Linderman comes back with a body kick, then a leg kick, but eats a shot coming in. Hale is catching a lot of punches to the face and isn't doing as good a job of moving out of the way now. End of the round. 10-9 Linderman that time.

Round 3 - Hale is trying to open strong with leg kicks. Linderman shoots and gets Hale against the cage, but can't get him down. Hale is too tall for it. They trade some knees, but Linderman still cant' get the takedown. Linderman falls backward holding Hale, and Hale ends up in full mount. Linderman gives up his back and Hale goes for the rear naked but Linderman gets loose. He gives his back again, Hale again goes for the rear naked, this time sitting against the cage. Linderman is defending well, but Hale is being persistent. Linderman rolls over and Hale is still on his back. Linderman can't shake him and looks exhausted now. The round ends. Hale won that one, 10-9. I'd give him the fight, but who knows?

Richard Hale def. D.J. Linderman by split decision - 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.

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