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dudeabides 11-09-2011 09:43 PM

Bellator FC 57: John Hawk vs Roger Hollett

dudeabides 11-12-2011 07:55 PM


Round one: Hollett opens with a head kick that's blocked. Hawk is throwing punches that don't connect, and throws a very awkward push kick that misses. Lots of punches thrown that miss. Hollett finally lands with a left. Then he lands a solid right that rocks Hawk. Hollett lands a leg kick. Hawk just keeps punching and not quite connecting. Hollett with a spinning back kick. And another. Now Hawk gets Hollett against the cage and is landing knees. They separate, and the round ends. 10-9 Hollett.

Round two: Hollett is already landing leg kicks. Hawk finally connects with a left. Now he has Hollett on the cage again, and is landing knees. The refs separates them. Hollett lands a good shot, then lands a couple of leg kicks. Hawk gets Hollett on the cage and starts landing knees. Hollett is just standing there and taking them. Finally, Hollett throws a knee. He gets off the cage. Hawk comes in swinging but isn't connecting with anything solid. Hollettt lands a good shot followed by a leg kick. And again, Hawk gets him on the cage and throws knees. He adds a few foot stomps in as well before the ref restarts them. Hollett lands a left which means Hawk puts him against the cage yet again, landing knees. End of the round. I guess I'd have to say 10-9 Hawk, just because he had Hollett on the cage and helpless so much.

Round three: Hawk comes forward immediately and clinches Hollett on the cage. They don't stay there long, but they end up right back there almost immediately. Back to the center, a few punches thrown, and back to the cage. This time at least Hollett is throwing a knee or two of his own. Hawk throws a punch and Hollett loses his mouthpiece. As soon as they restart, Hawk gets Hollett back on the cage and is landing knees. Crowd is not happy. Ref restarts them, Hollett lands a kick, Hawk lands a punch or two, and they are back on the cage. This time Hawk is landing punches and elbows on the cage. Hollett is cut. Now Hawk lands some punches that look more effective. Hollett lands a great left, then eats a couple of easy shots before getting put on the fence again. Hawk looks gassed but is still landing knees. Back to the center. Hollett throws a spinning back fist that misses. How Hawk is acting like this is a real fight. Hollett lands a spinning back kick as the bell sounds. I would give the fight to Hawk for control and for the damage in the last round.

Roger Hollett def. John Hawk via split decision

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