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HitOrGetHit 05-01-2012 07:30 PM

Trevor Prangley Looks to Bounce Back

Having fought for nearly 15 years by his account, veteran middleweight Trevor Prangley knows better than to hit the panic button after a series of losses.

As he told, ďObviously Iím not happy with the last year, but Iíve had little slumps like this before in my career, and Iíve always been able to rebuild it. I think this is just one of those times that I restart it.Ē

And it is with that mentality in mind that Prangley heads into the May 6 Super Fight 3 show in New Delhi, India.

Having had adequate time to prepare for his bout against Braga Agaev, Prangley feels he could get the fresh start he needs after a winless year.

ďMy losses on these last fights have mostly been on short notice,Ē he said. ďIím not making excuses, those guys are tough, they came prepared and they won, but itís nice to have good warning and to have a good camp and prepare myself mentally and not panic trying to make weight.

ďWith me itís always the conditioning thatís most important. Iím in real good condition for this fight. I didnít have as hard MMA workouts and was able to focus a lot more on my conditioning, strength, and speed, and I think it will show in the fight.Ē

Having last held a title in the MFC in 2009, Prangley looks more so to enjoy his remaining time fighting rather than obsessing over collecting belts.

ďIím a realist,Ē he said. ďItís hard to make a run at a championship when youíre 40 years old. Iíve got a lot of good fights left in me, and Iím just going to enjoy what I have left on my career.

ďIt could be one year, three years, or five, you never know. Iím not going to worry about it or plan too far ahead. Iím going to plan for this fight and whatever comes up next Iíll plan for that one. Iíve had a good, long career. Iíd like to end it on a high note with four or five good wins and bow out the way I feel I deserve to bow out after dedicating so much of my time and life to the sport.Ē

When asked if he felt heíd even make it this many years in the sport, Prangley replied, ďNot really. My goals in the beginning were to fight in the UFC.

ďBack then there was so few shows a year, so it was tough to get in. When I got in I did pretty decent and figured I should stick with it.Ē

Prangley sees his opportunity in SFL as one that could define the latter part of his career, as long as he stays healthy and is able to perform on a high level.

ďTheyíre trying to build a show and when youíre trying to do that, you canít have different guys all the time, you have to build some heroes over there,Ē he said. ďI think Iíve got the experience and ability to be one of those guys. I think it would be great to end my career on a single show.Ē

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