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kantowrestler 10-26-2013 11:22 PM

‘Rampage 4 Real’ episode 1 review: Injury against Jon Jones revealed

In the series premier of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson‘s reality show on Spike TV, we see him during the months leading up to his Bellator fight with Tito Ortiz. Before he starts serious training for the fight he undergoes a ritual he calls “The Last Party” where he takes one more night on the town to enjoy himself before he begins training.

However, the next day he is apparently hungover as his training partner Gavin Sterritt comes over to his house and wakes him. While eating breakfast, Jackson tells Gavin that he believes he may have urinated his bed the night before but isn’t certain. After breakfast, Gavin takes Jackson to the Rampage Fitness Academy in Irvine, California to try and work off the hangover.

The next day Jackson goes to the doctors to get custom knee braces for his training. It is then revealed that during his fight with Jon Jones for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship, Jones kicked out Jackson’s knee. The knee injury plagued him for his final two UFC fights resulting in a three fight loosing streak. On the way back to his entourage from the doctor’s office, Jackson starts joking around saying that his knee braces make him feel like a robot. He then starts wrestling around with Gavin before they all leave the doctors office.

Following his receiving the knee braces, Jackson and Gavin begin training for the fight. During the first day of training, Jackson complains about Gavin wanting to go too hard whereas Jackson would like to gradually build up his training regiment. It is also revealed that the two constantly debate about whether America is better or the United Kingdom is better as Gavin hails from the UK. After training Jackson and his friends eat out and while he originally orders a burger, Gavin orders chicken and spinach for him. Jackson then begins stealing his friends junk food.

Later on Jackson goes jet skying with his entourage and while Gavin tags along he doesn’t feel Jackson is taking training seriously. A week into the training Jackson misses a workout with Gavin and his manager is also worrying about him. Jackson is then seen having a coffee at an Asian coffee shop where the waitresses are scantily clad. While there he talks with some friends about experimenting with some musical aspirations. Suddenly his manager walks in and it is hinted that Jackson is not happy with the sudden appearance.

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