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Which Fight is the Real Superfight?

Posted 05-08-2013 at 10:11 AM by HitOrGetHit

The MMA world has been buzzing about super fights for some time now. Heck, combat sports in general always have news of potential super fights. But more recently, people have been asking for a few within the UFC ranks. A long time wish for most fans was (and still is) to see Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre step into the octagon. Now there is a lot of talk about a potential Anderson Silva and Jon Jones match. There have been discussions on the forums about Jon Jones and Cain Velasquez fighting. Lightweight champion Benson Henderson made a comment about a superfight between himself and Georges St. Pierre. I am going to run through these fights and try and shed some light on the differing situations.

#4 - Benson Henderson vs. Georges St. Pierre

I think this fight is a waste of time if we are being honest, and calling it a superfight is a bit of a stretch. Every single UFC title fight that Henderson has been in has been somewhat controversial. He is an unproven champion to many fans. GSP on the other hand is one of the most dominant champions in the history of the sport and arguably the best Welterweight to ever fight. As a fan, I would definitely watch this fight, but I think we would just see Henderson get dominated all night long.


Jon Jones vs. Cain Velasquez

This fight would boast the two largest champions in the UFC in terms of physicality. The Heavyweight champion versus the Light-Heavyweight champion. It would be a tremendous fight. You would have Jones' absurd reach advantage and clinch game versus Cain's frenetic pace and outstanding wrestling. The reason I have this at #3 is because Cain just got his belt back whereas Jones, Silva and St. Pierre have been dominant. I think this fight moves up the list once the Heavyweight belt is locked down by a single fighter.


Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva

What a fight this would be. Jones has utilized is outrageous reach advantage along with solid clinch work and nasty ground and pound to defeat his opponents. Everyone seems puzzled when trying to get inside and do damage without getting thrown to the ground. But again, we are talking about Anderson "The Spider" Silva here. The best pound for pound fighter to ever compete in mixed martial arts period. He has arguably the best striking in the UFC and possibly in the mixed martial arts world. This fight would undoubtedly see Anderson Silva moving up from 185 to 205, but that shouldn't be a problem considering The Spider has fought at that weight multiple times in the past and notching victories in those fights as well.


Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva

This fight is the absolute number one superfight that could happen. I know a lot of people are tired of hearing about the potential for this fight and a lot of people doubt GSP wants to do it. But the fact of the matter is, these two have ruled their respective divisions within the UFC for years, knocking off contender after contender. Their legacies far surpass any current fighter on the UFC roster. Jon Jones is making a statement, but Silva and St. Pierre have been doing it for much longer. Whether you want to see it or not, this fight needs to happen. It is the Mike Tyson vs. Muhammed Ali of the MMA world.

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Why Pound for Pound rankings vary and my Top 5

Posted 05-08-2013 at 10:03 AM by HitOrGetHit
If you look around the web or ask someone who they think the best pound for pound fighter in the world is, the answer will almost always be, Anderson Silva, and for good reason. But what happens when you ask who second or third place should be? You will almost always get Georges St. Pierre and Jon Jones. However, which order they come in will vary depending on who you ask and where you look. The further down the list you look, the more differences you will come across between sources. Why is that? I mean we can all look at the same records and we all see the same fights with the same outcomes. What makes one person's opinion different than another's? There are an infinite number of possibilities. After all, they are opinions and everyone has one. What I am going to try and do is shed some light on what the main reasons are that make these rankings vary.

1. Rankings are subjective in combat sports

This is number one and it is probably the most obvious. In other professional sports such as basketball or football, rankings are very easy to understand. If team A has a better record than team B, then team A will always be ranked higher regardless of who they have played. In the MMA world, we constantly have to take into account who fighter A has fought, how he finished or didn't finish those fights, and compare that with fighter B. That is where a lot of people have different opinions on how "impressive" a fighter has been and it directly impacts their decision to rank that fighter.

2. Past versus Present

This is a big one for me and it is why I think there is controversy over who should hold the #2 spot in the rankings between Jon Jones and Georges St. Pierre. It is a talk about legacy versus what a fighter is presently doing. Now there is no doubt that GSP is still dominating the competition, but people will always call into question his finishing ability where Jon Jones is dismantling everyone that steps inside of the octagon with him. For me, I believe a fighter has to still be dominant to hold their rankings, and GSP does, so that coupled with him dominating much longer than Jones has is why I would rank him ahead of Jones still.

Those are the two big ones when it comes to ranking pound for pound fighters in my opinion. The differing opinions of different fighters along with how high people rank legacy along with present performances. I will go ahead and toss in my top 5 pound for pound rankings with a brief explanation of why I have chosen these fighters.

1 - Anderson Silva

This is a no brainer for 99% of the MMA world. Silva is just flat out dominant. He has ruled the UFC middleweight divisions since 2006, and that run includes three dominant victories in the division above his weight as well. His legacy along with his invincible aura are why Silva has been topping the charts for years.

2 - Georges St. Pierre

This is where my list differs from a lot around the web, but still agrees with some. GSP has been the Welterweight champion for years now and has been on a very long streak dominating opponents left and right. He is widely considered the best Welterweight to ever live. Jon Jones is certainly making a case for this spot, but until GSP loses, or Jones can prove that he can maintain this dominance for the stretch that GSP has, I can't put him here.

3 - Jon Jones

Jon Jones took the 205 division by storm and he isn't looking back. He is stopping contender after contender, many of which are previous champions. He looks unstoppable right now. If he can keep this up, I think we may be watching the best fighter on the planet in the making.

4 - Jose Aldo

Aldo is dominating the UFC Featherweight division and has been making it look easy in most of his fights. He has awesome wins but I wasn't officially sold on his skill level until he got a hard fought victory over former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar. This fight showed me that Aldo can infact hang with the best fighters in the world.

5 - Cain Velasquez

This is another spot where many will disagree with me. Especially with fighters like Cruz, Barao and Ben Henderson still left on the table. But I am going to stick to my guns. Cain Velasquez is the best fighter in the world at Heavyweight. He proved that Dos Santos was not the superior fighter and their second fit told us a lot more than their first fight did. Other than that one second mistake, Velasquez has dominated this division and I expect him to keep on dominating for some time.

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