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BAMMA 13 - Weigh In Day

Posted 09-13-2013 at 04:22 PM by

Well, here we are then, the moment has almost arrived and weigh in day has arrived. This is possibly a far more stressful day than the figh night itself for both fighters and staff, this is where it can't all go perfectly or the entire event can come crashing down around your ears.

First off for the fighters it's a nightmare, weight cutting is possibly the worst part of their job. Fighting i the fun part, it's what they do, weight cutting is painful, emotionally and spiritually draining and it puts pressure on them and those around them. For staff if weight cuts go wrong and fighters miss weight, you can lose bouts at the last minute, have to renegotiate with fight camps and face the possibility your entire show could run short and have to re plan running times etc. Doesn't sound like a lot but when your a paying customer who has come to see your favourite fighter, who now isn't fighting because their opponent didn't make weight, its a royal pain in the backside.

Anyway for us, it went well only one fighter came in over weight (By 0.2 of a pound so he got that off within the hour) and one of our fighters was involved in a road accident and was delayed getting to the weigh ins. However that was it and we got through it unscathed. The fighters all look a lot happier in the hotel lobby now as they have eaten and rehydrated, so everyone's a happy camper.

Evening before fight night is weird as you don't really know what to do with yourselves, however myself our head of PR, Georgia (Head BAMMA Belle), Mike Markham (Ring Announcer), Frank Trigg and one other staffer went out for an evening meal, which was great, listening to everyone's different war stories from MMA land is great, especially Frank & Mike. Now it's back to the hotel to sit in the bar and put the world to rights.

Also today the new website went live so updating things on the site is simple, the weigh ins are on there, along with a weigh in video and the images will be on there later (Already on our Facebook page) which is one of the things BAMMA has been critized for in the past not getting these things online in time. In fact before I took over Online Content it was sometimes 2/3 weeks before it appeared! I pride myself on turning the entire online prescence around and we are slowly getting there. So I'm off now before the chaos and carnage begins tomorrow night and I will try and get some blogging in but I won't promise.

Check out the weigh in day stuff on here:

Also follow us on twitter @BAMMAUK and find us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube - /BAMMAUK

Hope you enjoyed this one. See you on the other side people!
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    Damn! Wallhead looks shredded, hope he gets the Gold he's deserved for many years. Can't find many MMA fans who have a bad thing to say about 'Judo' Jimmy

    Thanks for posting
    Posted 09-14-2013 at 01:32 AM by LizaG LizaG is offline
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