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The perceptions of MMA

Posted 03-26-2010 at 02:43 PM by

So I've watched MMA for years now. Always whenever I was lucky enough to be around a buddy with cable when TUF or Fightnight was on Spike. Always on the internet though. All the while I never considered the worldly opinion of MMA. That is, until I started living at my grandma's house and working where I do now.

I was watching some nobody fight on Spike. Just two guys in their UFC debut brawling. It wasn't even a good fight, a couple nice shots and some decent footwork, but nothing at all to write home about. My grandma and her friend/friend's stepdaughter were entranced and mortified by it. And when it went to the ground, they were disgusted when they kept going at it.

On another incident, my dad and I were watching Never Back Down on Showtime. He loved it. But I got bored and turned it over to Spike when a TUF rerun started. I explained the premise to my dad and we got into a discussion about my own MMA aspirations. I told him about Shotokan, and about kickboxing, and the ameteur wrestling and GnP. And in his wisdom said, "You should learn Jujitsu, you can mess someone up with that." I tried to explain crosstraining and why it was important, but the concept was lost. On the same day. My grandma's friend's brother watched some of an episode of Fightnight rerun on Spike and said, "This is nothin' compare to a good old boxing match!" I again attempted to explain crosstraining and how all of those fighters know some boxing and work alot of it in their fighting, but he would hear none of it.

Or when there was a local fight occuring at an empty store in the mall that had been retro-fitted with a cage and stands, a guy at work refered to it as "that wrestling stuff atthe mall." I wanted to say something, but I didn't think it would matter. And honestly, at this point I'm getting really tired of explaining it to people.

Recently there was coverage on T101 on Satellite TV about Pacciano's(spelled it wrong) fight to retain his boxing title and he was refered to a thousand times as the "number one pound for pound fighter in the world." I wanted to scream that Pacciano wouldn't standa chance in MMA, that by calling him the greatest "fighter" you were comparing him to guys like Anderson Silva and Fedor Emelianko. It was laughable to think of them fighting him, but at the same time, everyone on the show said he was the very best. The ignorance kills me!

On a much more recent occassion a comercial for the Nightly News ran a piece about some religious guys who fought in the cage and how they thought it brought them closer together and to God. And they refered to MMA as a "Brutal Mixed Martial Arts Bloodsports." It was sickening. All they were showing was three guys prayign and one stuffing a takedown.

I realize a sport where it can in fact become very bloody will always have a social stigma that will never be completely overrun, but things like this still bother me. Whether its the disrespect from previous generations and the media. Or a simple refusal to look at something with an objective eye. Its an innevitable thing, I think, that MMA will become socially accepted in the same way boxing has. Its already well on its way., however I fear that it will be ruined in the same way boxing has been.

I can only hope things get better. :thumb02:
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