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The UFC - Losing Legitimacy?

Posted 02-27-2013 at 10:59 PM by

The UFC has come under fire lately for a string of title shots handed out, arguably, to undeserving contenders. In this blog post I will share my two cents on the issue, and I welcome your comments for an intelligent discussion.

I know this topic has been covered ad nauseum recently, but I thought this would be a great post for my debut.
The issue at hand is whether or not the UFC is losing credibility with their fly by the seat of their pants policy when it comes to the title picture within the company. I chose this terminology because they have regulations and routines in almost every other aspect of the business, but when it comes to contention for company gold, the picture is murky and ever changing. Pundits and self proclaimed 'hardcore' fans everywhere seem to cringe in unison whenever Dana announces an exciting fight they feel is unwarranted. This is a direct contrast from the casual fans who breath a collective sigh of relief when Dana 'saves' them from a 'boring' match containing the rightful contender.

When a person has a conversation on this topic, one of the main comparisons thrown around is that the UFC is becoming more and more like the WWE. Taking a look at this analogy, we quickly realize that for a few reasons, it is a very reasonable thought, and for just as many reasons, it is not a reasonable thought. I will attempt to break these reasons down.

The number one most common reason given, in my experience, is that championship matches are given on a 'biggest draw' basis, just as is in the WWE. While it definitely feels this way, and a case can easily be made to support this theory, it is different in a key way. The simple fact of the matter is that WWE belts are worthless props to help a wrestler get more 'over' with the crowd, all the while following a script from a not so creative creative department. Whereas the UFC belts are fought for by guys who bring their all each and every time they set foot in the octagon, in an unscripted fashion.
Another reason that we hear often is that the UFC is a business and puts money ahead of integrity, just like the WWE. This is the reason which has most recently become a lot of people's go to remark about the UFC. While it is true that they make some fights based on what makes them the most money, they also make fights based on who has the best chance of defeating the champion.

At the end of the day, the only logical conclusion to be drawn is that the UFC will never become the WWE. The UFC will always be real fights, and the WWE will always be scripted, high octane action. Two different products, for two different crowds. The only similarity is that they are both businesses, which both have bottom lines.
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    Budhisten's Avatar
    Great little read I'd still like the UFC to be more legitimate in their chosing of contenders, not only to lend credibility to the sport, but also to give people who've earned the shot what they deserve. If you've won four or five in a row and some guy from a different division comes in and "steals" a shot at the title you'd feel pretty screwed over.

    I would like to avoid this and see the sport become a legitimate sport instead of sport entertainment. Just my $0.02
    Posted 02-28-2013 at 04:19 AM by Budhisten Budhisten is offline
    Killz's Avatar
    Great Blog post cow. Can't disagree with anything you said.
    Posted 02-28-2013 at 07:10 AM by Killz Killz is offline
    Cookie Monster's Avatar
    I definitely agree Bud, having a 4 or 5 fight win streak is no easy task in the octagon and should be rewarded accordingly. I'm glad you like the post Killz, feel free to call me Daphne, or Daph instead of Cow though lol I certainly didn't think my name through when I registered hahaha.
    Posted 02-28-2013 at 10:28 AM by Cookie Monster Cookie Monster is offline
    Killz's Avatar
    Ok Daph it is... No more cow
    Posted 02-28-2013 at 11:43 AM by Killz Killz is offline
    LizaG's Avatar
    Great read, and some great points Daph. Can't fault it
    Posted 02-28-2013 at 01:24 PM by LizaG LizaG is offline
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