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Rate A Fighter (Week 2)

Posted 12-22-2007 at 08:37 AM by

OK so lets see who the people on the MMA forum think is the best overall fighter by basing it on 5 parts of a fighter.

1. Stand UP
2. Ground Game
3. Take Down Defense
4. Victories/Who he has beat
5. Your opinion

And the fighter you want next

base each out of 10

for example
10 for standup
4 gor ground
7 for take down defense
1 for victories
10 for opion
next fighter-fedor

so that would be 32

I will post a new fighter every Friday and after the first 5 fighters ill post the rankings

Next to rate is:

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    bbjd7's Avatar
    Well lets see

    Stand up -7.5 GSP has very overrated stand up. He dominates a divison full of ground fighters standing. That's not to say he's not good but he isn't a great stand up fighter.

    Ground Game - 8 - It's good but again not great. He can grapple a lot of guys and those he can't he can beat standing which is why he is such a great fighter despite not being amazing standing or on the ground.

    TDD - 10 - Probably the best TDD in MMA and if not he's #2 to BJ Penn. Taking GSP down might be one of the toughest thing to do in MMA.

    Wins - 10 - Probably has the best wins in MMA the only guy who can debate that is Shogun. Spratt, Hieron, Parysian, Miller, Trigg, Sherk, BJ, Hughes and Koscheck.

    Personal Opinion - 9.5 - I think he is the best P4P fighter however he still isn't a 10 since if he faces a guy who is well rounded and his own size he'll lose. Look at the BJ fight he basically won that fight since he weighs about 180 when he fights and BJ should fight at 155.
    Posted 12-22-2007 at 12:58 PM by bbjd7 bbjd7 is offline
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    GMW's Avatar
    Stand up - 9 in relation to the rest of the division. In MW though, it'd be a 7, but im sticking with 9 for WW.

    Ground Game - I agree with bbjd7, it's good but not great; an 8.

    TDD - 10

    Wins - 10

    Opinion - 9.5, an amazing list of wins, one of the top p4p fighters and an awesome accent.
    Posted 12-22-2007 at 02:56 PM by GMW GMW is offline
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