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Posted 07-11-2008 at 08:47 PM by Kameleon
[QUOTE]LAS VEGAS – When the Ultimate Fighting Championship started as a made-for-pay-per-view event in 1993, it was a learn-as-you-go proposition since nobody knew what to expect.

Over the past few years, in attempting to turn whatever it started out as being to a legitimate sport with unified rules and commission regulation, there have been a new set of growing pains. The more popular the sport gets, the more controversies there seems to be regarding judging criteria, referee stoppages and rule interpretations.

Last week, when the Association of Boxing Commissions came up with changes to the unified rules at its Montreal convention, among the many people who had no idea any of this was coming was UFC President Dana White.

"There's going to be a fight," said White when talking about new rules being implemented. "And you know I don't roll over easily."

White unequivocally said they have no intention of changing or adding to the company's current five current weight classes: Lightweight (155-pound maximum); welterweight (170); middleweight (185); light heavyweight (205) and heavyweight (265).

The new unified rules include an ill-thought-out 14 different weight classes, particularly the addition of 215 and 225 pound divisions, which makes little sense with the dearth of quality heavyweights from 205 to 265 pounds to begin with.

"No, we're not following that," he said.

The commissions said that the promotions have the option of doing whatever weight classes they want. But doing so would create an inconsistent sport.

It becomes an interesting game because from Day 1 after taking over the promotion in 2001, Zuffa has attempted to become regulated and fight under commission rules that would be universally recognized.

There were many officials in the previous UFC ownership that weren't thrilled with some of the rules, in particular banning of knee strikes on the ground, that the New Jersey State Athletic Control board implemented in 2000. Those rules have been used as the framework in most new states that have since regulated the sport. But commission regulation, both of which they agreed and didn't agree with, was a necessary evil in the big picture of the sport's survival.

With these new changes, including a ban on putting hands over the mouth or nose, but legalizing the straight up-and-down elbow strikes that had been banned, White believes he's got a new enemy. And it's a referee who at one time was the longest-lasting fixture in the company.

"It's John McCarthy," White said. "He doesn't want to be a referee anymore. Now he wants to change the rules. And he's announcing for Affliction." McCarthy, who retired as a ref last year to join The Fight Network, a Canadian cable station, spoke at the commission meetings, where many commissions, including New Jersey, will interpret blows to the back of the head as being a straight line down the center of the head and the illegal zone would be one inch on either side. However, in California, commission head Armando Garcia said their interpretation of the illegal zone is everything behind the ears.

McCarthy will also be doing commentary for the July 19 Affliction pay-per-view event, a promotion that White has declared war on, to the extent of running a free show on Spike TV head-to-head featuring middleweight champ Anderson Silva.

Whatever the rules are, there needs to be consistency because companies run shows in different states with the same fighters, and being penalized in the middle of a fight for what was perfectly legal in the last fight isn't fair to anyone.

Here is a quick overview of some of the changes.

Illegal blows to the back of a fighters head have been further defined to the “Mohawk” definition - the “crown of the head down the centerline of the skull into the spine, with a 1 inch variance to each side.” This will change recent interpretations of the rule which prohibited strikes from “ear-to-ear.”

All elbow strikes will now be permitted except to illegal areas (groin, spine, back of head, etc…). Previously, all downward striking elbows (12-to-6 strikes) were prohibited no matter what region of the body they struck.
Smothering an opponents nose and mouth to disrupt breathing is now prohibited except for choke attempts where a fighter’s mouth is covered by his opponent’s arm.
Unsportsmanlike conduct fouls were consolidated as was the “fighter recovery period.” Low blows will be given a five minute recovery period, while all other fouls will require a physician to determine if a fighter is fit to continue within a five minute period.

Perhaps the biggest changes to the Unified Rules came in the reassignment of weight classes in the men’s divisions. There will now be a total of fourteen different weight classes as defined below.

Flyweight (up to 105 lbs)
Super Flyweight (105 - 115 lbs)
Bantamweight (115 - 125 lbs)
Super Bantamweight (125 - 135 lbs)
Featherweight (135 - 145 lbs)
Lightweight (145 - 155 lbs)
Super Lightweight (155 - 165 lbs)
Welterweight (165 - 175 lbs)
Super Welterweight (175 - 185 lbs)
Middleweight (185 - 195 lbs)
Super Middleweight (195 - 205 lbs)
Light Heavyweight (205 - 225 lbs)
Heavyweight (225 - 265 lbs)
Super Heavyweight (over 265 lbs)[/QUOTE]

[B]Big changes have come and it seems that no one is taking them serious. Both the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Affliction have stated that they will not follow the unified rules. This is what causes so many problems within a sport that has, is and will always evolve.

I think the UFC should follow the Unified rules. They already allow elbows, now the rule is a little more clear on what is an illegal elbow blow. Unsportsmanship like behavior will be dealt with more properly now. The only problem is the weight divisions.

14? Honestly? Do you need 14 weight division?
Simply. Who cares!

The Unified rules do not say anything about having fighters for every division. The UFC currently doesn't have fighters below 155lbs(Lightweight) or above 265lbs(Heavyweight).

[COLOR="Red"]Flyweight (up to 105 lbs)
Super Flyweight (105 - 115 lbs)
Bantamweight (115 - 125 lbs)
Super Bantamweight (125 - 135 lbs)
Featherweight (135 - 145 lbs)[/COLOR]
Lightweight (145 - 155 lbs)
Super Lightweight (155 - 165 lbs)
Welterweight (165 - 175 lbs)
Super Welterweight (175 - 185 lbs)
Middleweight (185 - 195 lbs)
Super Middleweight (195 - 205 lbs)
Light Heavyweight (205 - 225 lbs)
Heavyweight (225 - 265 lbs)
[COLOR="red"]Super Heavyweight (over 265 lbs)[/COLOR]

Take out the divisions in red and you go from 14 to 8. Still seems like alot.... well not if you look at fighters like BJ Penn, GSP, Anderson Silva and Fedor. These are the top 4 Pound for Pound fighters on the planet, no mater who is 1st or 4th. These are the guys who have the most potential to move up or down in divisions and still dominate. Now look at our remaining 8 divisions but this time with champions:

Penn - Lightweight (145 - [COLOR="royalblue"]155[/COLOR] lbs)
Penn - Super Lightweight ([COLOR="royalblue"]155[/COLOR] - 165 lbs)
GSP - Welterweight (165 - [COLOR="royalblue"]175[/COLOR] lbs)
GSP/Silva - Super Welterweight (175 - [COLOR="royalblue"]185[/COLOR] lbs)
Silva - Middleweight ([COLOR="royalblue"]185[/COLOR] - 195 lbs)
Super Middleweight (195 - 205 lbs)
Fedor - Light Heavyweight (205 - [COLOR="royalblue"]225[/COLOR] lbs)
Fedor - Heavyweight ([COLOR="RoyalBlue"]225[/COLOR] - 265 lbs)*

*For the sake of arguement, fighters are fighting within 2-3lbs of the divisions weight limit at any given time(highlighted in blue).

Now with 8 division, you would still have 4-5 guys as champions. The only difference is the champions would hold 2 belts and some could hold as many as 3.

But then again, it could not workout the way I put it up because we all know how crazy MMA can get. If the Commission really wanted organizations to follow the new rules, they could make it happen.

If I were in charge, I would not allow any sactioned fights in the US unless they followed the new unified rules. No UFC PVPs or events, NO Affliction events, NO any organization. I'd put the MMA world on notice, if you want to be recognized as a legitimate sport, follow the rules.[/B]
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Posted 12-31-2007 at 03:25 AM by Kameleon
[B]Lyoto vs Sokoudjou:[/B] First of all, that was one of the coolest UFC entrances I've seen in a while with Sokky's predator helmet. Too bad he couldn't have been a predator in the cage. For a guy who had a pretty good year by KOing 2 top 10 fighters, he got his ass owned my Machida. It seems like all he knew was how to punch, and when on the ground he looked lost and confused. Machida on the other hand, looked like a top calibur fighter that many people says he is. He stayed focused and created the angles to land some solid punches to finish the fight.

[B]Silva vs Liddell:[/B] This fight was great, both put everything on the line and the best man won. I would like to see a rematch, maybe while the title is on the line. My only concern is Silva's lack of knees or kicking for that matter. Jardine broke down Chuck with kicks to win, and I thought Silva would at least try the same thing.

[B]GSP vs Hughes:[/B] I'm a Matt Hughes fan but even I knew he wasn't going to beat GSP. I thought GSP's speech after the fight about wanting Serra's belt and not the one being handed to him by the UFC was great. I can't wait for GSP vs Serra, so we can crown GSP as the official UFC WW champion.
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Posted 12-14-2007 at 10:48 PM by Kameleon
[B]The current champion is Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson who beat Chuck Liddell at UFC 71 and defended the title at UFC 75 against Pride Middleweight Champion Dan Henderson.

Chuck Liddell has had another lose to up and comer Keith Jardine, which has dropped the Iceman on the contenders list.

Wanderlei Silva will have his debut fight against Chuck Liddell in which I believe Silva will win. Both fighters are coming off of 2 loses and both need the win to bounce back. Silva, during his reign as champion fought better competition and is a more proven fighter than Liddell. Liddell has been handed paper fighters during his reign as champion and that showed when he fought Rampage.

Silva has beaten Rampage twice, in Pride. I don't believe the results would change now, if they were to fight again in the UFC.

Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua is a true contender, who lost his debut fight in the UFC. Unlike CroCop and Rampage, who were handed easy debut fights, Rua was handed Ultimate Fighter Forrest Griffin. Griffin has the knack for being the underdog and coming out on top and even if he doesn't win, he makes losing look pretty damn good.

Rashad Evans just came off a win over Micheal Bisping, which still hasn't proven that he is a contender. So you beat Bisping, who has Bisping beaten?

Machida looks great when he fights but not sure if Dana and company want him as champion. Hell, Dana and company don't want Rampage as champion. Machida is facing Sokoudjou, who has beaten 2 top 10 fighters earlier this year. Not much is known of Sokoudjou but Machida should be a good challenge for him.

This is a stacked division, almost as stacked as the Welterweight division. There are a lot of contenders and future champions.

I give Wanderlei Silva 6 months, before he become the Light Heavyweight Champion.[/B]
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Posted 11-29-2007 at 01:45 AM by Kameleon
[CENTER]2007 was definately a year to remember as far as the heavyweight division is concerned. After having a very successful MMA career, Randy Couture has cut ties with the UFC, seemingly leaving the UFC Heavyweight division in shambles. With the HW title now vacant, who can and will step up and who will be left behind. Here are the top 5 Heavyweight fighters in the UFC that have the best shot at getting a title shot in 2008. With out further a do, the list........................[/CENTER]

[B]Tim Sylvia[/B]
He is one of the best strikers in the HW division, if not one of the more boring fighters. But what Sylvia lacks in showmanship, he makes up for in shear size. Standing 6'7 and tipping the scale at 230+ pounds, Sylvia is the biggest HW in the UFC division. He has beaten some great fighters and looks to be back in the title hunt come next year.

[B]Antonio Noguiera[/B]
One of Brazils most decorated jiu-jitsu fighters and former Pride HW champion. Noguiera had a very unimpressive debut against Heath Herring. Many people believe that Noguiera is next in line to be champion, seeing as the only 2 people to beat him, are not in the UFC. Noguiera is a brazilian jiu-jitsu expert and has one the majority of his fights on the ground and by submission.

[B]Andrei Arlovski[/B]
Former HW champion, Arlovski is a great all around fighter, who can KO fighters or tap them out. Arlovski has had contract issues as of late but it seems that the UFC management want to work things out. Aside from that, Arlovski has won his last 2 fights and want a title shot.

[B]Brandon Vera[/B]
His last fight was against Tim Sylvia, and he lost. Vera is still young and needs more experience before he is given an earned title shot. He is one of the more prospectable HW fighters. Look out for Vera in 2008 because he has something to prove to his fans and to the non-believers.

[B]Mirko CroCop[/B]
Most likely the best pure striker in the HW divison, CroCop has been unimpressive since stepping into the octagon. He has lost his last 2 fights and the UFC management cannot reach him for comments or bookings. No one but Mirko knows what's next for him. I only hope he gets back to his winning ways and becomes a contender.
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