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Post 2 From kamikaze145

Posted 12-04-2007 at 03:37 PM by

For my first post on my blog I ranked the lightweights. I will get to the other weight classes too but right now I feel like I should cover some of these big fights coming up.

We have the Ultimate Finale saturday, UFC 79 on December 29th, and this New Year's Eve M-1 card in Japan. There are also a few more mentionable shows coming up like WEC31 on I think the 12th. That has the Filho/Sonnen fight on it as well as Jens at 145 and Urijah Faber so it should be decent.HDnet is also coming up and there are some names on that card as well: Yves Edwards, Trigg, Mayhem Miller, and Pete Spratt. This is a pretty good time to be an MMA fan. I am just going to throw some picks out there and say what I think of a couple of these upcoming cards. This blog is one that is just to lay some things out and garner some discussion.

Start with the Ultimate Fighter finale. I have watched like 2 episodes of the show so I have no idea what is going on but Clay Guida and Roger Huerta as a main event will put my butt on the couch in front of the TV come fight night. I have both of these guys in my top 20 lightweights and the winner of this IMO will have one more big fight and then a title shot. I would not say it is impossible to say the winner would earn a title shot but with BJ/Joe Daddy and then a probable Sherk fight in the near future they will probably need one more win. The rest of the fights are the TUF guys and I wont go into that because like I said, I have no idea. Guillet is also on that card if that interests you; This card doesn't do much for me except the Guida/Huerta fight. As far as Ultimate Fight Night cards go I would say this is a B. Good main event and then obviously the finals fight but there isnt much else going on here.

UFC 79 on paper looks like it is trying to make up for UFC 78 because it is stacked with some good fights. Hughes/St.Pierre 3 for the interim belt and Chuck/Wand as the co-main event is more than enough to sell me on this one and then it also throws in Machida/Sokky which to me should be a number 1 contender fight with the winner getting an immediate title shot. I have heard Rashad is getting the next shot but I dont think this is confirmed. Melvin Guillard is fresh off suspension and taking on Clementi, I am a big Guillard fan so this adds to the excitement of this card for me. Dean Lister is back to put on hopefully a display of world class BJJ instead of a display of poor cardio. Overall this card has it all, a title fight, a slugfest, and a meaningful title contention fight. Overall Card Grade: A

Next up is this New Year's Eve card. Fedor is fighting some bum and there are some really good lightweight fights on this card as well. The biggest one Aoki and Calvacanti. I am leaning toward Calvacanti in this one. He is too big and strong. He is more well rounded and most importantly I think that he is just slick enough to avoid Aoki's submissions in the process of giving him a beating. I think that this is going to be a convincing win for JZ. Gilbert Milendez is also fighting, I can't remember who but I am picking Milendez. I think he is still fighting Josh Thompson so it will interesting to see how this affects that fight. To be honest I am not completely caught up on this M-1 card just yet but I think Sakurai is fighting on it too. It will nice to see some of these top guys who were pretty much laid off by the whole PRIDE situation get back in there and sling some leather.This card doesn't have quite the punch that UFC79 has and I do not think that it is as overall as meaningful to the landscape of MMA as the UFC79 card either but it offers a few things that the UFC card doesn't: Fedor, the return of a bunch of fan favorites, and a little asian guy in tights. Should still be an awesome card. I would say like B+ but I have not even seen the whole card yet. If someone has that card and wants to post it that would be appreciated.

I also want to just throw some of my picks out there: Fedor, JZ, Machida, Chuck, Guillard, Huerta(just changed it and have been going back and forth), Curran(WEC), Filho, Milendez, and Sakurai(dont know who he is fighting, dont care). I guess that is just a preview/breakdown of the fights coming up in the next month or so.

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