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50 Awesome Fights Part 1

Posted 12-05-2007 at 12:22 PM by

I know I just posted a blog but I am kind of excited for this one. These are just 50 good fights off the top of my head that I really enjoyed. So go back and check them out if you haven't seen.(Numbered but not in order of signifigance or anything)

1.Jorge Gurgel Vs. Jay Ireland - This was at a KOTC in Ohio. Great fight. Its a pretty good slugfest that ends in submission.

2.Quinton Jackson Vs. Kazushi Sakaraba - The fight that put Quinton on the map.

3.Mauricio Rua Vs. Quinton Jackson - PRIDE total elimination 2005, A really stacked 205 pound tourney that put out some good fights.

4. Forrest Griffin Vs. Stephan Bonnar I - First Ultimate Fighter Finale. One of the all-time greats.

5. Mirko Cro Cop Vs. Igor Vovchanchen(forgive me on the spelling) - Brutal Head kick KO where Mirko showed emotion afterward. Sweet!

6. Roger Huerta Vs. Brad Blackburn - I am a bit biased toward Huerta but this fight was great. This was in the IFC and it was back and forth to start and ended pretty brutally.

7. Urijah Faber Vs. Tyson Griffin - Saw this one on youtube. Back and forth great grappling in this one. It was outside in KOTC.

8. Jens Pulver Vs. Duane Ludwig - Another fight that you find on youtube. Nice knockout by Bang in this one.

9. Melvin Manhoef Vs. Cyborg - I am pretty much just going through my favorites on youtube at this point. Great slugfest. These two just beat the hell out of each other until they cant even hold their arms up.

10. Anderson Silva Vs. Tony Fryklund - Anderson shows off his striking and finishes this with a brutal standing elbow KO.

11. Tim Sylvia Vs. Jeff Monson - Just kidding

12. Kevin Randleman Vs. Fedor - The suplex Randleman hits in this fight is enough to put it on this list. He still loses.

13. Rich Franklin Vs. Lyoto Machida - A nice preview of what Machida would become.

14. BJ Penn Vs. Takanori Gomi - BJ dominating who most people consider the number 1 lightweight in the world.

15. Joe Stevenson Vs. Yves Edwards - This was on that really bad Ortiz Vs. Shamrock 5/ Sylvia Arlovski 19 card but unlike the main events, this fight delivered.

16. Chuck Liddell Vs. Vernon White - This fight was on the first UFC DVD I ever bought and I probably watched it like 10 times in the first week I had it. Vernon actually doesnt do bad at all in this fight.

17. Randy Couture Vs. Vitor Belfort 2 - Randy controlling and dominating Vitor.

18. Takanori Gomi Vs. Jens Pulver - A nice technical stand up fight.

19. Georges St. Pierre Vs. Jason Mayhem Miller - GSP pretty much dominates but it is a cool fight.

20. Pete Sell Vs. Scott Smith - awesome fight, awesome ending

21. BJ Penn Vs. Matt Hughes - BJ chokes out Hughes then gives him a little kiss.

22. BJ Penn Vs. Matt Hughes 2 - BJ wins rounds 1,2 and then Hughes finishes him in the third.

23. Melvin Guillard Vs. Gabe Reudiger - KO punch to the body. Good explosive Guillard fight.

24. Frank Trigg Vs. Matt Hughes 2 - I hate to put Hughes on here so much but he has had some great fights.

25. Robbie Lawler Vs. Ninja - Recent fight and I thought it was awesome. Lots of action, very active and of course a big KO at the end.

26. Sakuraba Vs. Royler Gracie - This is one of those fights they always show on FOX Sports or whatever. Really good fight with a "technical submission" at the end.

Next Blog: the rest of these 50 fights
By the way, I am trying to throw in fights that are famous and good but I am also trying to get a few out there that are a little bit less known so that people might go find them. I mean I could just put all of Chuck's KOs and UFC Title fights but I am trying to throw out good fights that are not always on UFC Unleashed.
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    GMW's Avatar
    Good list man. I loved Shogun decimating Rampage and Machida doing it to Franklin.
    Posted 12-06-2007 at 01:10 AM by GMW GMW is offline
    bbjd7's Avatar
    Nice list I'm defiantly going to go through it tommorow and watch the ones I haven't seen.
    Posted 12-06-2007 at 02:10 AM by bbjd7 bbjd7 is offline
    MalkyBoy's Avatar
    great list I'll check some of them out shame I cant rep you for this
    Posted 12-06-2007 at 11:51 AM by MalkyBoy MalkyBoy is offline
    Damone's Avatar
    Man, it's been forever since I've seen Royler vs Sakuraba. I think I might have to pop it in a little later and re-watch it.

    Nice write-up. I wouldn't mind reading other bloggers 50 awesome fights.
    Posted 12-06-2007 at 02:40 PM by Damone Damone is offline
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