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50 Awesome Fights Part 2

Posted 12-06-2007 at 05:00 PM by

Lets finish this list up:
27. Wanderlei Silva Vs. Fujita - brutal beating. I enjoyed it.

28. Wanderlei Silva Vs. Artur Mariano- If you have seen this fight, you know what I am talking about. I would highly recommend that IVC card if you can get a hold of it.

29. Robbie Lawler Vs. Chris Lytle - Stale 2nd round but the rest is cool. Robbie yells and Lytle gets rocked and claps...cool.

30. Paul Buentello vs. Bobby Hoffman - Old KOTC card I have. Lots of Buentello uppercuts.

31. Tim Sylvia Vs. Randy Couture- Tim Sylvia getting tooled for five rounds, need I say more?

32. Tito Ortiz Vs. Ken Shamrock - The first one was good. Still pretty one sided but Ken did a little.

33. Tito Ortiz Vs. Vitor Belfort - I loved this one. Vitor came out and looked solid early but faded as he often does. Ends up being a close fight and really good.

34. Nick Diaz Vs. Gomi - This is an obvious one. A go-go? One the list.

35. Marcus Davis Vs. Pete Spratt- Cool matchup, I am pretty sure it was on the UFC69 card

36. Karo Parisyan Vs. Fernando Vasconcelos- Good fight, KOTC card. Karo BJJ looked good. I dont know why Vasconcelos stopped fighting, he was solid.

37. Chris Horodecki Vs. Bart Palaszewski- I never saw their second fight but the first one was great. IFL actually has a few decent fights

38. Genki Sudo Vs.Mike Brown - I love Genki and this is a slick triangle.

39. Phil Baroni Vs. Evan Tanner 1 - Early stoppage maybe but good fight

40. Baroni/Tanner 2- Baroni gases but this fight definately has its moments

41. Phil Baroni Vs. Dave Menne - I had to get one of his wins in there and this KO is sweet.

42. Josh Thompson Vs. Yves Edwards- High paced fight with a great KO to end it.

43. Takanori Gomi Vs. Charles Bennett- Krazy Horse actually made this one fairly interesting. Another one of Gomi's great fights

44. Robbie Lawler Vs. Joey Villasenor- Robbie just freakin explodes on the Villasenor.

45. Dan Henderson Vs. Vitor Belfort - This one was dominated by Hendo. That first double was beautiful. Nice sweeps by Vitor, I really liked this fight even though most people thought it sucked.

46. Diego Sanchez Vs. Karo Parisyan - I am sure you have all seen it and it needs no explanation.

47. Rob McCullough Vs. Scuba guy from Along came Polly - I dont know his name but Razor blasted his mouthpiece out of the cage with a short hook. Great combo.

48. Any of the Fedor/Nogueira fights. All awesome. Fedor showed his dominance but Nogueira hung tough.

49. Any of the Wand/Sakuraba fights- these got pretty brutal but you have to love Wand's brutalness and Saki's heart.

50. Lets end it with a lightweight fight: Tyson Griffin Vs. Clay Guida - Guida won no doubt IMO but it got FOTN for a reason. I think it got FOTN anyway.

Hope you enjoyed it, I think I will rank the top fight camps in my next blog
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    plazzman's Avatar
    Good effort.

    But outside of UFC and PRIDE, there are some seriously AMAZING fights.

    Shooto has some deadly ass fights (Sato vs Uno, Mach vs Trigg, Kawijiri vs Shoalin)

    Pancrase had killer fights (Bas vs Funaki 2, Bas vs Frank 2, Ken vs Funaki, Kondo vs Kikuta 2)

    Rings was good (Nog vs Hendo, Fedor vs Babalu)

    Cage Rage (Any Paul Daley fight, A. Silva vs Murray)

    and so on

    But most were really good fights. good job.
    Posted 12-10-2007 at 10:30 PM by plazzman plazzman is offline
    kamikaze145's Avatar
    yeah i just havent seen much of pancrase or shooto
    Posted 01-17-2008 at 01:59 PM by kamikaze145 kamikaze145 is offline
    plazzman's Avatar
    Its ok, it was a very good list.

    It just sucks that 80% of MMA hasnt been seen yet.
    Posted 01-17-2008 at 03:31 PM by plazzman plazzman is offline
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