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My Run through Popular video Games

Posted 02-01-2008 at 03:53 PM by

I thought since I have been playing allot of video games as of late I would start a little blog about it

I was a solely Halo gamer swearing that no games compare to it.. But that changed when my friend XBL decided to buy everyone in our group COD4

My first part I will discuss my feelings on Halo 3

Halo 3

Despite allot of people trashing the game as of late, I still really like it. Here are some of the great points of the game for me.

1. Forge: This is something I think will or at least should be incorporated into almost every game that it would work with. Especially now that Bungie is working the kinks out on what all they want you to be able to create with it. Being able to create your own unique maps or just making that map you miss from other games is a big joy for me and many others.
a.) With forge you can actually set it so that the map builds itself around you as you fight, by setting up the walls and box's, bridges, ect to not spawn at the start of the game but at a designated time in the game that you see fit. for instance I created two maps that uses this feature 1 where it builds a 3 story map around you so that everytime you spawn the map looks completely different. Another one I made was/is called The Maze in this one you start in one of four squares inside a big square and then you start fighting with other people every few seconds pieces will randomly start forming around you where you are eventually fighting in a maze. I also was able to create many remakes that I missed from other games.

2.) adds a special feature to this game for you can post maps that you create for others to download, rate and comment on. yes you have to deal with some whining 12 year olds some times but it is a good feature. also on this site it allows you to be able to view all the kills and deaths that you have had from every weapon on every map plus including a heat map where it shows you all the spots you have dies from these weapons.

3.) The Graphics are simply beautiful, especially in high def. the way the made the grass sway in the wing and have the water flow. the sound effects from some of the maps while you are fighting are second to none also. but unfortunately I think Bungie took to much time on graphics and not enough time on game play.

Things that I see as problems with this game

1.) Bungie went to great lengths to make sure that there were absolutely no glitches like there were in halo 2. which for some is a good thing but after a while I get bored with just shooting people that is why I really enjoyed Halo 2 so much for when I got bored of shooting people I practiced superjumps and got really good at them so much so I was friends with the overloards of the best bouncing clans. Also some people did not like the bxr and other button combos while I did not use these I thought it added a deeper element to the game where I can see many people enjoying. I know bungie just saw these things as flaws but honestly I think they were things that made the game Great and last a really long time as my favorite game.

2.) I do not like the ranking system for it favors the guy that does not play allot and punishes the guy that plays all the time. For example I am a 46 in a few of the playlist (yes could of got a 50 but just sort of stop caring) since I played a few thousand games it is really hard for my guy to rank up. If I start one of my other gamer tags and start playing I could have a 50 with in a day at the most 2. This being the case I stopped playing ranked matches and just enjoyed unranked.

3.) Most the maps are centered around camping and that is something I dont enjoy to much also with that being said I dont think it helps matters much when they added so many close quarter weapons into the match that teams are like why would I want to go out and fight when I have a close quarters one shot kill weapon right here.

4.) This one I did not notice till I started playing other games but Halo3 moves Really Really slow. I mean the guy him self I feel like I am moving in slow motion all the time now.

5.) Br starts and duel weild gametypes in slayer. This was just stupid if I wanted to have br starts I would have played hardcore, there is almost no reason to pick up another weapon when you start with a Br.

will add more about halo as time goes on


This is the game I am working on and what I will be talking on for some time now.

This game is really fast paced with many gun variations to choose from. it rewards you for playing for the more points you earn the more score you have and when your score reaches certain points you will unlock guns and perks. Perks are things like claymores c4 double shot deep impact(you can shoot through walls) ect..

With this game you can do a few things with ranking and what not. Once you reach rank 55 you are given a choice to do prestige mode (there are 10 prestige modes ) with this you lose all the guns you have acquired and challenges you have completed but you get a prestige symbol next to your rank. I actually chose not to do prestige and am working on completing ever challenge (there are many)

Right now I am working on getting 150 headshots with every weapon in the game so I can unlock all the golden guns.

Some guns to try out and get used to IMO

Starting out M16 and mp5 are great guns my mp5 was a thing to behold and is still one of my favorite guns with these two you have to aim but you dont have to be precise and they shoot quick enough that if you miss the first shot your others will usually hit.

For snipers. starting out the first sniper you will like allot it shoots ok quick and has ok accuracy. I put a acog scope on it and actually used it more as a br. The Dragonove
is a pretty good sniper to start off with also for it is a really quick shot

guns after you start playing a while

G3, this gun I really disliked when I started using it but after a while I saw the beauty in the gun. with this gun use it as a mid to long range. it has great accuracy and is basically a really fast sniper or a really power powerful but slow m16.

Snipers after you get pretty good.
R700 allot of people dont like this gun but if you are a patient sniper that goes for the one shot on kill mentality this is the gun for you. Very powerful gun and accurate but it shoots slow which should not be a problem because you will be able to kill them with one shot.

Noob tubes: these things are a thing of beauty and annoying at the same time, these are great especially in search and destroy hardcore (you spawn only once per round and have limited health) for right when both teams spawn if you point it at the sky at the right angle and shoot, the grenade will travel across the map and take out members of the other team if done right you can kill the whole team with in the first 2 seconds of every round on almost every map. we got destroyed by it allot so we decided to learn how to use it now we are some of the best at that stupid gun lol.

Things that need to be fixed in the game

Spawns. This is a biggie, if you are a good team you can rush the other teams spawn and sit there and spawn kill them every time the whole game (you just cant go into their spawn or they will switch spawns on you.) this should not be able to happen in a game.

Maps. There are very few of them this sis something they need to address for they all sort of feel the same now. we know exactly what we are to do on every map every time.

I think they should give you different golden guns on every prestige when you go up and complete challenges for that would give me more incentive to go up for right now I like my guns, perks, and could care less about a symbol next to my name.

Will continue

I will do a in depth description of all the guns as I go through them
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    M_D's Avatar
    I have started to get into hardcore allot more then I used to.

    Best setup that I have found for Hardcore Team deathmatch

    stun grenades
    3 frag
    UAV Jammer
    Deep Impact

    Hardcore Search and Destroy

    Gernade launcher(noob Tube) if use it right and angle it right can take out half to all their team right at the spawn
    stun gernade
    extreme conditioning

    For anything not hardcore my setup is

    M4 Carbine
    stun gernade
    Stopping power
    Deep Impact


    3 frag or claymore
    stopping power
    Iron lungs or deep impact depends on the map
    Posted 02-16-2008 at 04:20 PM by M_D M_D is offline
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