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So I Signed up for Facebook...

Posted 09-02-2009 at 04:29 AM by

I did this because I was reminded recently that a lot of my old High School buddies were on it. Well, low and behold it was true. A lot of people I have not heard here nor there of was on it.

Now I know the social networking sites are old news. In fact, many of those online would probably think I was living as a hermit, under a rock, in a cave, separated from a majority of the developed world for not subscribing to one. While I may want to put forward the legible trappings of a Zen Monk, I definitely am not. So get your yucks, giggles, or chuckles out now.

Go on. I'll wait for you.

So all that remains is the question of why didn't I create a Facebook account sooner? Well, the answer in short is because of a bit of trepidation on my part. Yep, I was scared.

I can only explain it as the sort of anxiety that you would get from preparing to go to a 10-year anniversary (which our graduating class did not have). However, the breadth of it would go back quite farther than 1994 in concerns for some folks. Let me be honest...

Potentially I was going to re-announce my existence to many people, and I did not know how they would react. Was my short time around them during school something significant enough that their memories would produce a feeling of pleasant surprise, fond reminiscing, deep sullen loathing or simple apathy? Dealing with people is always a mixed bag. Trying to be sociable with those you haven't dealt with in a long time doesn't make things easier.

Sure, there were definitely those I fervently sought out, like someone inquisitively mulling through a crowd trying to make out names on name tags while trying to match current faces to those locked away in your memories. There were those that popped up that rang bells in the annals of my conscious mind, some in surprise, some not so. Yes, there was also those that I remember having wet dreams about. Even those I still have wet dreams about...

Uhhh... Give me a moment...

[Back on track] In that same vein, did these folks feel the same? I mean, separation and time does a lot to change people. Folks have kids, careers, and life changes of various degrees. Was my simple life still interesting enough to contribute to a conversation?

And then there's the way you look... You know what the first question a lot of people wonder about: "How does ____ look now?" You all want to know who looks the same, who looks better, and who fell off.

Damn I think I fall in the third category. F-it... People love me regardless.
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