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Boxing Trainers Log Entry 2

Posted 11-07-2010 at 05:21 AM by

As a continuation from last week, this week's session will pick up on what was initially put in place last week and expand on it. All movements are done with correct form and technique in mind. I haven't yet made my trainee punch with a true emphasis on power (at this point).

Day 2/Week 2: Baby Steps... Small and Slow

I. Review of Last Session
A. Stance (Textbook Boxing Stance)
B. Footwork - Review the Slide and Step, Forward, Backwards, Left, Right. Spend 2 rounds practicing foot work by having the trainee "mirror" my movement paying attention to their feet. HANDS UP AT ALL TIMES!
C. Basic Punching - Jab, Cross, Lead Hook and Rear Uppercut practiced individually on the focus mitts for a round or two.
D. Basic Combos - Run through the basic 2 to 3 punch combos as mentioned in the prior log entry for a round or two.

II. New Material: Punching While Advancing
A. Stepping Jab/Jolt - Deep step forward with the Jab being thrown. Jab should be fully extended as the penetration ("Drop") Step is touching the ground. Do this back and forth over the length of the yard.
B. Stepping Cross - Same as the Jab, the punch should be extended as the front foot "drops" down. Make sure to push forcefully off of the rear foot.
C. Stepping Jab-Cross (1~2) - Same as the others with the drop step finishing on the jab.
*For simplicity's sake, we will forgo the Stepping Hook and Stepping Uppercut for now.*
**All techniques worked on the focus mitts back and forth over the length of the yard (training area).**

III. New Material: Basic Defense
A. Jab Catch - Rear hand shoots forward and catches the Jab as it comes forward. Do not reach, no big movements. Just sharply smack the jab as you catch it. This also works with the Cross.
B. Lead High Cover - Bring the glove up and over your ear and cover your face with your forearm and shoulder. Ride the punch out by twisting your torso along the same direction as the punch. Keep the glove tight to your head!
C. Rear High Cover - Just like the LHC above, but with the rear hand. Make sure to ride the punch out.
D. Lead Body Cover - Bring the elbow down into the ribs, and turn your body to receive the punch obliquely on your forearm and upper-arm. Use the legs to lower your base and mitigate the shock of the blow.
E. Rear Body Cover - Just like the LBC above, but with the rear hand.
*All cover/blocks are tight movements. They should be small, not sweeping or reaching. All blocks are taught to cover the angle/line of attack, not an individual technique. Although last in the hierarchy of defense techniques, this should be the first to learn due to ease of use and human instinct and natural reactions.**

IV: New Material: Countering off of the Block
A. The 'Cardinal Rule' of Defense - After you defend, either throw one back (counter attack), or get the hell out of there (retreat, evade, and/or create space to reset or get your bearings). If the Cardinal Rule of Defense is not followed, you will simply set yourself up to be overwhelmed by an aggressive, determined opponent.
B. Jabbing off of the Jab catch - Have the trainee fire a jab back one they catch your incoming jab.
C. Cross off the Lead High Cover - Riding a punch out by turning along the same direction during the LHC will "Load" the cross. The Trainee will fire the cross back off of the LHC.
D. Hook off the Rear High Cover - Riding the punch out on a RHC will load the lead hook. The Trainee will counter with the Lead Hook after covering appropriately.
E. Lead Uppercut off the Lead Body Cover - The LBC naturally loads the Lead Uppercut for a quick counter.
F. Rear Uppercut off the Rear Body Cover - The same as the LBC, but with the rear hand and with a Rear Uppercut counter.
*All of the individual techniques are done with the Trainer and Trainee fully gloved. The Trainer will start (feed) with individual punches to the trainee as they respond in kind.*
**Move around with this portion of training. Emphasize reaction instead of anticipation. Make sure to correct form as issues are seen.**

V. New Material: Combo Defense and Counter
*After the Trainee defends a succession of 2 punches, they will counter back with 2 punches. Exaggerate the movements so it is easy for the Trainee to identify the technique and angle of attack. Once the trainee is able to do it slowly, speed the drill up until it is close to "real-time" speed.*
A. Jab, Cross - Trainee will catch twice and counter with a Jab Cross of their own or Cross Hook.
B. Jab, Rear Hook to the Body - After defending the body shot, the Trainee will counter with a short lead uppercut and then a cross.
C. Cross then Lead Hook - After defending the Hook, the Trainee will counter with a Lead Hook then Cross.
...etc, etc, etc...
**The Trainee will learn to cover both shots, and then counter afterward with the hand that naturally "loads back" while they are defending.**
***Work this while both trainee and trainer are fully gloved. Move around while drilling these.***

VI. Suggested Home Conditioning
*Just as I suggested tips for Shadow Boxing at the end of last week, I gave a very basic outline for home conditioning exercises.
A. 10 Push-ups
B. 10 Squats
C. 20 Sit-ups
D. 2 rounds of jogging in place or skipping rope.
**This is very basic conditioning exercises for both functional strength and improved cardiovascular health. All can be done with one's own body weight and without external equipment (except for skipping rope).

Next Week: Review of Session 1 and 2, Punching with Power, more Combo Training, and Punching by the Numbers.
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