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Boxing Trainers Log Entry 4

Posted 11-24-2010 at 02:13 AM by

My trainee is feeling better today. Now that his left arm is up to snuff, it's time to learn a lot of combination's. Punches in bunches is the term for today.

Day 4/Week 4 - Punching in Volume and Quantity

I. Warming Up
A. Skipping Rope for 2 Rounds - Emphasis on skipping rope for beginners is all about rhythm and being light on your feet. Do this at a brisk pace for two 2-minute rounds with 30-45 seconds of rest in between.
B. Arm Stretches
C. Leg Stretches

II. Review from Last Session
A. Power Punches - Overhand Right, Rear Uppercut, Right Cross, Rear Hook.
B. Body Movement in Power Punching - Shoulder/Hip Turn, Drop Step, Punching through the Target.
C. Punch Fast and Loose
*All review worked on the Mitts in a static environment. Due to the injured state of my Trainee last week, all review was done on his Right Hand.

III. New Material - Punching by the Numbers
A. In Theory - All Standard punches are assigned by a number from 1-12. As the Trainee learns to identify each punch by their assigned number, the Trainer can then communicate the desired punch/punch combination is rapid-fire manner without explaining the actual technique. Punch/Number assignments go as follows:
1. High Jab
2. High Cross
3. High Lead Hook
4. High Rear Hook
5. Jab to the Body
6. Cross to the Body
7. Lead Hook to the Body
8. Rear Hook to the Body
9. Lead Uppercut
10. Rear Uppercut
11. Lead Overhand ("Corkscrew Hook")
12. Rear Overhand
*It is useful to start using "Lead" and "Rear" assignments over "Left" and "Right" due to not having to change the terminology for a Left-Handed (southpaw) Trainee.*
B. In Practice - Trainer will instruct the Trainee what punches the numbers correspond to. They will then begin drilling them on these combination's.
1. Start with 1 to 4.
2. Continue to 5 to 8.
3. Then go 1 to 8.
4. Then go 9 to 12.
5. Continue to 5 to 12.
6. Then go to 1 to 4, then 9 to 12.
7. Continue onwards with 1 to 12.
C. Emphasize Form, Rhythm, and Tempo - All segments of this should be started slow to get familiar with the coordination involved and then sped up when comfortable.
D. Begin Associating Punches with their Nomenclature from this Point Onward - This will help the Trainee absorb the information and apply it to their drilling.

IV. New Material - Combination's by Numbers
A. Start Small - 3 Punches
1. 1,2,3
2. 3,2,9
3. 1,8,9
4. 2,7,12
B. Continue upwards to 5 or 6 punch combination's
1. 1,8,9,12
2. 1,2,7,10,3,12
3. 3,8,9,2,7,10
*All work to be done with the mitts. First statically, and then while moving around. Emphasize the number assignment of each punch to help the Trainee absorb the info. Start slow, with small punch quantities. After becoming comfortable, speed up the tempo and increase the punch quantity.*

V. New Material - Salt and Pepper Drill
A. The "Salt and Pepper" drill is made to emphasize the ability to increase force/intensity in your punches while throwing in volume. To do the S&P Drill:
1. Have the trainee in front of the heavy bag and have them throw punches in combination. Not hard, just at a frequent tempo and with enough intensity to keep them working. This is the "Salt" portion of the drill.
2. At intervals, the Trainer will yell a number starting from 1 and going up to 10.
3. The Trainee will have to hit the bag with the same number of punches as the Trainer yells out as hard and as fast as they can. This is the "Pepper" portion of the drill.
4. This will repeat at different intervals as the Trainer counts up to their Target number (for beginners go from 1-5), and then down to the beginning number.
5. This will finish when the Trainer gets back to "1" or to the end of a round (2-3 minute) duration.
B. Emphasize Form
C. Emphasize Pacing - Make sure that the trainee is breathing!
D. Emphasize Staying Loose and Punching with the Whole Body - This will make punching with power easier even when the Trainee starts getting tired.

And with that, Session #4 is over. Now looking forward to our next session and more punching in combination, punching while moving forward, punching while retreating, intercepting (stop/check hits), and the body-shot drill.
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