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BJ Penn, King of the 1st round?

Posted 01-20-2008 at 08:47 PM by

In the course of BJ Penn's career, we have all made this claim one time or another. We all knew BJ was notorious at gassing in the later rounds, but what we didn't recognize was that before he fades away, BJ is the King of the 1st round.

What does this mean you ask? Well if you look at all of BJ's fights he has really taken the fight to his opponants, most noteably in the first round.

He is fast, has vicsious striking and is a menace on the ground. He has tooled the best of the best in the first round of his fights.

He subbed Matt Hughes, messed up GSP, gave Hughes a world of trouble, destroyed Pulver, and absolutley MAULED Stevenson, all in the first round. BJ Penn is arguably the best at taking it to his opponants in the business. While many are hesitant, or still feeling their way out, BJ is certainly the best at taking the fight straight out' the gate.

He also has one of the fastest ground games, while many take their time to work in subs and get better position, BJ has the ability to latch onto you, pound you with BRUTAL shots and sink in the sub, before his opponants can even get a feel of the Octagon.

Well what does this really say about BJ Penn? Alot of people say he sucks, is overrated and gasses easily, but alot of people also say he is the best LW, top 5 P4P and one of the most talented fighters ever to grace the octagon.

I honostly do not think there is anyone else that gets to work as fast as BJ. You can make the claim for the old Vitor Belfot, Mirko, or A. Silva, but the fact is, these guys are strikers and it is much easier to maul your opponant with punches, BJ on the other hand incorporates striking, and ground work in the same time frame as these guys.

What the first round of BJ's fights represents is the validation of the latter. BJ Penn is infact one of the most talented, vicsious, top fighters to ever grace the Octagon. However it's a shame that we only see his full potential in the first 5 minutes, when we should really see it throughout the whole fight, because I believe this is what has truely cost BJ from solidifying all the claim, and silencing his critics.

Now I dont mean to rant about the obvious, Im sure alot of you very well know that this is indeed the case with BJ, but I finally realized this last night when I saw what BJ did to Joe Daddy.

BJ definitely needs to up his cardio and heart because I finally believe that he will be one of the greatest fighters to ever fight in MMA in the very near future. I'll admit, I used to be his biggest critic, and I had my reasons, but I now know that a focused BJ, as we saw last night, will hold onto that crown for as long as HE wants.
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    wukkadb's Avatar
    Yup he is def. good in the 1st round that's why I see him beating SHerk probably in the 2nd. I see Bj stuffing some of Sherk's TD's, beating him up a little on the feet, then taking Sherk down and GnPin until taking his back and submitting via RNC.
    Posted 05-06-2008 at 01:54 AM by wukkadb wukkadb is offline
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