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Is Dana screwing the UFC?

Posted 12-16-2007 at 12:02 PM by pt447
The Randy situation. The mention of AA waiting out his contract...

Is Dana screwing himself and the UFC by treating fighters like commodities to copyright and patent? If there's one thing that M-1 already has over the UFC--and I'm not saying M-1 is anything like a true competitor yet--is it's outright promise to allow fighters to fight wherever they want, whenever they want.

I see MMA right now as very much how baseball was in its early days. run by the owners, and damned be the players. Or in this case, the fighters. Fighters have no rights right now. They get paid what they get paid and they can only make a living on the whim of their "owner". What M-1 seems to realize is that if you give the fighters freedom to fight in various organizations, not only does t hat drive the value of the fighters up, but it creates a huge bidding market for the fighters, as well as specific fights. It demands that organizations compete for the fighters, not the other way around.

I think that if M-1 really takes off, or if any other organizations start to do business like they seem to intend on, then a new age of MMA might begin where promoters compete for the right to present fighters, and host big fights. Imagine all the organizations competing for the chance to hold Randy/Fedor, or any other such "dream fight" that we will never see under the current atmosphere.

If MMA is going to survive Dana's [I]pro-wrestlingization[/I] of the sport, then perhaps the only way is to have the fighters be the stars, rather than the organization.
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