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Posted 02-27-2008 at 07:33 AM by MalkyBoy
Recently there have been lots of threads and general attention drawn to the UFC’s negotiation of contracts. Now Dana’s abrasive style is well known and that could and may well be the cause of this, however there may be others factors at play.

I think money may be a driving force, and the recent downgrading of Zuffa’s credit stance has been well documented and I have a feeling that the UFC may not have a great cash flow currently. I’m a football (soccer) fan and I follow the Scottish...
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Rangers rule
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Posted 02-23-2008 at 01:38 AM by Onganju
I was perusing the number of Martial Arts publications at my local supermarket when I had decided to pick up the April 2008 issue of Black Belt Magazine. "Black Belt?!" you might be interjecting. Yeah I can hear it now, "Isn't that just filled from cover to cover with TMA crap?!" No, not at all. While it may be one of the oldest martial arts publications in existence (many of those years before the world wide acceptance of MMA, and before the GJJ Info-mercial inception of...
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Outta My Head
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Posted 02-21-2008 at 07:21 PM by Screwaside
[INDENT]This has long been a topic of discussion/arguement with a friend of mine and myself. Our main arguements consist of which sport right now is more exciting, which is more popular at this point in time. Of course I'm always on the side of mixed martial arts and him on the side of boxing. A little history on myself, I AM a long time boxing fan since probably about six. MMA or the UFC in general started when I was about thirteen. Ever since it's inception my interest in MMA has grown and grown and my interest in boxing has pretty much died to the point where I only watch Klitchko or PBF.[/INDENT][INDENT]First off right now how many hardcore boxing fans are out there? Sure you have you're degenerate gamblers and such who watch strictly to try and get the lights turned back on but the sport is in decline. As far as recognition by the general public you have an aging De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather. The heavyweight division is in sad shape but has potential to step up a little with the unification thing they have going. Besides that boxing has been tainted by gambling scandal and mob influence for years. I don't like watching a fight and not really knowing if it's legit. [/INDENT][INDENT]One thing my friend always insists on is there is entirely too much hugging and dry humping in MMA. (I guess he forget about the standing love fests in boxing)There was a time when the ground game kind of turned me off save the ground and pound. Now adays I see these ground artists who are so skilled the ground game is more like a chest match and I compare the banging stand up more to checkers. I am now a big fan of submissions almost as much as the stand up game. My favorite fighters are guys who excel at both or are dominant in one and still very good at the other. Though MMA as a whole doesn't share boxing's tradition (though many of the respective arts go back thousands of years) I feel it has surpassed it in terms of excitement and knowing to fighter's are putting it all on the line instead of a possible alterior motive. [/INDENT][INDENT]Taking a look at my channel guide on cable I see dozens of shows every week dedicated to the sport of MMA. I do not see nearly as many boxing shows (unless you count boring rematches on Showtime and HBO). This to me probably speaks in terms of popularity what's on top right now. I mean the networks want what the people are gonna watch right? Boxing will always have it's dinosaur purists but in terms of growth I believe MMA is booming right now. It used to be friends of mine back in the days meeting up at someone's house to watch a boxing pay per view. Now a days? It's the latest UFC, WEC, or Elite XC card. In closing with markatable stars like Lidell, Rampage, Fedor, Cro Cop, GSP, Anderson Silva, Kimbo Slice, Tito Ortiz, and Randy Couture I believe the MMA game has surpassed boxing in terms of big name marketability as well [/INDENT]
{Sorry guys if I'm a bit off, it's been a crazy week}...
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Posted 02-16-2008 at 06:08 PM by MLS
I posted a thread with this, but I don't know how many will read it there. So I thought I would post it here as well.

So tonight we have EliteXC tonight as well as Pavlik/Taylor II in boxing. Now this EliteXC isn't a real strong card, but has Kimbo. And the Pavlik/Taylor fight is a rematch, with a crappy undercard. But what I am interested in is seeing the ppv numbers of the two. Neither are real strong cards, but I think the rematch between Pavlik/Taylor would be considered the bigger fight. But if a not so strong card can match ppv buys with a stronger boxing card then I think boxing might need to start getting a little worried. Because if this EliteXC xard does well against the Pavlik/Taylor fight, then what chance do they have if this same fight was put up against a UFC card?

Now Floyd Mayweather has been boxing's money maker lately, but he can't fight every month. But the UFC is putting up pretty decent cards every month. Mayweather's fights with De la Hoya and Hatton drew huge ppv buys, but those fights are rare now. And Mayweather's rematch with De la Hoya will draw big numbers, but that is three fights that drew huge numbers for boxing compared to what the UFC will do in a year. With the fights that have been confirmed, I think its safe to say this will be a big year for the UFC. How will boxing answer? They have the rematch between Mayweather and De la Hoya, but what else? A couple of good fights, but nothing like a UFC card. Boxing relies on one fight to carry a card, where as the UFC has multiple fights to carry the card.

I am a MMA and Boxing fan, but to me it doesn't look that great for boxing when compared to the UFC. Boxing will never die and the UFC may never get the ppv buys of a Mayweather/De la Hoya, but boxing should definitely be looking over its shoulder....
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Posted 02-14-2008 at 03:39 PM by Screwaside
[INDENT]I'd like to begin this blog by saying I'm am not really a Kimbo fan. Though I am intrigued by this man as a competitor and will definitely tune in to his fight with Tank Abbott I think his headlining position on the card has somewhat turned me against him which is no fault of his own. In my last blog I touched base on the fight between this internet video street brawler and Tank who hasn't won a fight in damn near ten years. In it I stated that the very fact this headlines an event in a federation that could arguably be looked at as the number two in mixed martial arts to the UFC is a bad thing for the sport. I can't really fault the fighters. Offered the money and the spotlight what are they gonna do say "no give the slot to someone else more deserving, keep me on the undercard?" Not likely. I blaim people like Gary Shaw and honestly the casual fans of the sport. Though I will watch I am not super amped about this fight as some friends of mine who I'd call casual fans are. They were more excited for this fight and the Brock/Mir side show then they were for GSP/Hughes or Lidell/Silva. Sad I know. That being said I would like to give reason for why I AM intrigued with this battle and definitely won't miss it.
[/INDENT][INDENT]In 1995 the world was introduced to a fighter by the name of Tank Abbott. He was in an instant crowd favorite in the UFC with his wild haymakers that alot of times found they're targets and did alot of damage. I was one of those fans. That's right at one time Side was a Tank fan. Though I was about fifteen and a bit greener about the ins and outs of the sport all I seen was a guy knocking people silly in a way I hadn't seen since an in his prime Mike Tyson. Those days have long since past. Even though while writing this I did some more research on Mr. Abbott and found that he was victorious in 2007 over Kim Jihoon and in 2005 over Wesley Correira he is still little more than dead weight past his prime in the cage. I view his opponant with Bas Rutten's training as a younger, stronger, quicker Tank. I believe this will be Tank's farewell match so if you're still a fan make sure you don't miss it! [/INDENT][INDENT]I first came across Kimbo Slice in about 2004. I wasn't on the internet, actually a friend of mine had bought a bootleg copy of the brawlamentry "Ghetto Brawls" and while barely being able to sit through the horrible quality and bad camera angles on thing was different. The camera got more steady and a tad clearer and here we were two big men (one though decidingly bigger) going toe to toe in a back yard. Kimbo gave out some nasty punishment then demanded the other man hit him. Kimbo took that punch and kept punishing the man after. The man wanted to quit but Kimbo refused. Finally the beating was over with Kimbo winning the purse. Now when watching a video like this the first thing that caught my attention was Kimbo looked HUGE. Maybe it was because the cameraman was shorter as I've latter found out that he's about 6'2 250. When first watching it I thought who is this monster? Years latter watching Elite XC I see him matched up against Bo Cantrell. All the early memories I mention rush back to me and I think wow this guy's actually trying to go legit? Damn Bas Rutten's coming to the ring with him and training him? I look on interested as Kimbo disposes of Cantrell in quick though controversial fashion. I'm left actually wondering if this guy can be legit or not. Can Bas really mold this guy into anything other then a haymaker throwing side show freak? I still don't know. Even if he defeats Abott soundly which I expect what is it really proving? Abott's standing in the sport is pretty much a joke these days. [/INDENT][INDENT]I won't miss this fight but at the same time would this not have served better on the under card of Le/Shamrock? Does this fight deserve top billing? A network giant like Showtime showcasing this to the entire world is kind of a slap in the face to the sport. People who don't really know MMA or aren't fans who catch this fight could see this fight and think this is what MMA represents, this is the best of the best. And the boxing critics of MMA? Don't let me get started there. I can hear them now. If Kimbo had decided to go the boxing route though those same guys would worship him as the second coming of Tyson or Hopkins. In closing this is like a train wreck. This is bad for the sport and pretty much most people involved but for some reason I just can't look away. Let's just hope the casualties are minimal. [/INDENT]...
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