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Is Dana screwing the UFC?

Posted 12-16-2007 at 12:02 PM by pt447
The Randy situation. The mention of AA waiting out his contract...

Is Dana screwing himself and the UFC by treating fighters like commodities to copyright and patent? If there's one thing that M-1 already has over the UFC--and I'm not saying M-1 is anything like a true competitor yet--is it's outright promise to allow fighters to fight wherever they want, whenever they want.

I see MMA right now as very much how baseball was in its early days. run by the owners, and damned be the players. Or in this case, the fighters. Fighters have no rights right now. They get paid what they get paid and they can only make a living on the whim of their "owner". What M-1 seems to realize is that if you give the fighters freedom to fight in various organizations, not only does t hat drive the value of the fighters up, but it creates a huge bidding market for the fighters, as well as specific fights. It demands that organizations compete for the fighters, not the other way around.

I think that if M-1 really takes off, or if any other organizations start to do business like they seem to intend on, then a new age of MMA might begin where promoters compete for the right to present fighters, and host big fights. Imagine all the organizations competing for the chance to hold Randy/Fedor, or any other such "dream fight" that we will never see under the current atmosphere.

If MMA is going to survive Dana's [I]pro-wrestlingization[/I] of the sport, then perhaps the only way is to have the fighters be the stars, rather than the organization.
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Light Heavyweight Division

Posted 12-14-2007 at 10:48 PM by Kameleon
[B]The current champion is Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson who beat Chuck Liddell at UFC 71 and defended the title at UFC 75 against Pride Middleweight Champion Dan Henderson.

Chuck Liddell has had another lose to up and comer Keith Jardine, which has dropped the Iceman on the contenders list.

Wanderlei Silva will have his debut fight against Chuck Liddell in which I believe Silva will win. Both fighters are coming off of 2 loses and both need the win to bounce back. Silva, during his reign as champion fought better competition and is a more proven fighter than Liddell. Liddell has been handed paper fighters during his reign as champion and that showed when he fought Rampage.

Silva has beaten Rampage twice, in Pride. I don't believe the results would change now, if they were to fight again in the UFC.

Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua is a true contender, who lost his debut fight in the UFC. Unlike CroCop and Rampage, who were handed easy debut fights, Rua was handed Ultimate Fighter Forrest Griffin. Griffin has the knack for being the underdog and coming out on top and even if he doesn't win, he makes losing look pretty damn good.

Rashad Evans just came off a win over Micheal Bisping, which still hasn't proven that he is a contender. So you beat Bisping, who has Bisping beaten?

Machida looks great when he fights but not sure if Dana and company want him as champion. Hell, Dana and company don't want Rampage as champion. Machida is facing Sokoudjou, who has beaten 2 top 10 fighters earlier this year. Not much is known of Sokoudjou but Machida should be a good challenge for him.

This is a stacked division, almost as stacked as the Welterweight division. There are a lot of contenders and future champions.

I give Wanderlei Silva 6 months, before he become the Light Heavyweight Champion.[/B]
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Rate A Fighter (Week 1)

Posted 12-14-2007 at 12:49 PM by johnfromthe219
OK so lets see who the people on the MMA forum think is the best overall fighter by basing it on 5 parts of a fighter

1. Stand UP
2. Ground Game
3. Take Down Defense
4. Victories/Who he has beat
5. Your opinion

And the fighter you want next

base each out of 10

for example
10 for standup
4 gor ground
7 for take down defense
1 for victories
10 for opion
next fighter-fedor

so that would be 32

I will post a new fighter every Friday and post the scores of each fighter there rank according to other fighters

Start it off with:


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Must See MMA Highlight Video's

Posted 12-14-2007 at 02:14 AM by kds13

I seriously spent this entire week either studying for finals or watching this dudes videos. These are incredibly well put together highlights of all kinds of stuff. Seriously, check this stuff out.
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Paulo Filho sure looked beatable last night

Posted 12-13-2007 at 11:48 AM by Sterling
Paulo Filho was in a tough spot last night before he pulled off the submission (armbar) to beat Chael Sonnen at WEC 31. Sonnen had a pretty good reach advantage on Filho and he seemed to use it to his advantage in the first round. He rocked Filho with some punches and elbows that seemed to have the champ on the ropes of defeat. The second round Sonnen came out the same way but instead of using something that was working he tried to take the BJJ blackbelt to the ground in the latter part of round...
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