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Festive Cheer

Posted 12-13-2007 at 09:30 AM by MalkyBoy
Its time for my Christmas rant. First off I enjoy Xmas day I drink all day and eat the best meal of the year. However that being said I donít see the point of it and I f***ing despise the build up. You can feel it building from November onwards the inevitable fake cheer starts creep in cos itís the holiday season and you should be happy.

Why should I be happy? I cant get out of bed, its so cold its either freezing or pissing it down, or both! Ive got to go to work in the dreariest...
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Rangers rule
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MMA fans and Defense Mechanisms and Jelousy

Posted 12-11-2007 at 08:36 PM by WouldLuv2FightU
This blog is basically a copy and paste from one of my more recent posts. I wanted to make it a blog so everyone can see it all the time. Maybe some of the children on this forum will realize how immature they sound to the people who use rationality and objectiveness.

Why do people dwell on Roger's weaknesses so much? Nobody is saying he is a perfect fighter with no flaws, but the fact is even with less than average takedown defense he still wins fights! Of course he has weaknesses,...
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I eat babies
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"And this is coming from a ___ fan".. SHUT UP!

Posted 12-10-2007 at 06:14 PM by plazzman
Yeah you all know, when someone is talking about how a fighter was getting beat, but to cover their ass they automatically say, "Person A really sucked last night, and believe me, this is coming from a person A nut-hugger"

We get it, your critisizing a fighter, you dont have to cover your ass and say you like them to avoid people calling you biased.

I saw it after the Shogun/Forrest Fight, saw it after Crocop fight, and been seeing it after Guida/Huerta fight.

Be a man and state your opinion, be unbiased, and analyze something properly, if you can back your shit up, theres no need to cover your ass.

just thought Id vent in this superscrumtelascent blog thingy....
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-I came|I saw|I failed-
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3 Ways Zuffa Could Help Itself: the UFC and WEC

Posted 12-10-2007 at 01:50 PM by kds13
1. The lower teir of TUF fighters should have bilateral contracts with the UFC and the WEC. Zuffa can put fighters on card's in either organization to build fan appeal in BOTH organizations, not just the UFC. The bottom teir of TUF fighters are not ready for UFC caliber fights, but have instant name recognition. It would help WEC ratings while giving the TUFfer's legitimate experience and help them build their games/status.

2. Replay TUF on VS. and WEC on Spike. Zuffa doesn't want...
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The Thing that Pisses Me Off Most After Events

Posted 12-09-2007 at 01:22 PM by kds13
Updated 12-09-2007 at 01:26 PM by kds13
I'm sure we've all heard it. Maybe some of you have said it...and will stop after this. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Its the "9/10" saying. Who came up with that crap?

"Yeah Serra got lucky with one punch, but 9 times out of 10, GSP whomps all over Serra." Well guys, I was always under the impression that a fight decides who beats who...not who is the favorite going into the fight.

In MMA, there are no such things as lucky punches,...
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