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What's next for the Heavyweight division?

Posted 11-29-2007 at 01:45 AM by Kameleon
[CENTER]2007 was definately a year to remember as far as the heavyweight division is concerned. After having a very successful MMA career, Randy Couture has cut ties with the UFC, seemingly leaving the UFC Heavyweight division in shambles. With the HW title now vacant, who can and will step up and who will be left behind. Here are the top 5 Heavyweight fighters in the UFC that have the best shot at getting a title shot in 2008. With out further a do, the list........................[/CENTER]

[B]Tim Sylvia[/B]
He is one of the best strikers in the HW division, if not one of the more boring fighters. But what Sylvia lacks in showmanship, he makes up for in shear size. Standing 6'7 and tipping the scale at 230+ pounds, Sylvia is the biggest HW in the UFC division. He has beaten some great fighters and looks to be back in the title hunt come next year.

[B]Antonio Noguiera[/B]
One of Brazils most decorated jiu-jitsu fighters and former Pride HW champion. Noguiera had a very unimpressive debut against Heath Herring. Many people believe that Noguiera is next in line to be champion, seeing as the only 2 people to beat him, are not in the UFC. Noguiera is a brazilian jiu-jitsu expert and has one the majority of his fights on the ground and by submission.

[B]Andrei Arlovski[/B]
Former HW champion, Arlovski is a great all around fighter, who can KO fighters or tap them out. Arlovski has had contract issues as of late but it seems that the UFC management want to work things out. Aside from that, Arlovski has won his last 2 fights and want a title shot.

[B]Brandon Vera[/B]
His last fight was against Tim Sylvia, and he lost. Vera is still young and needs more experience before he is given an earned title shot. He is one of the more prospectable HW fighters. Look out for Vera in 2008 because he has something to prove to his fans and to the non-believers.

[B]Mirko CroCop[/B]
Most likely the best pure striker in the HW divison, CroCop has been unimpressive since stepping into the octagon. He has lost his last 2 fights and the UFC management cannot reach him for comments or bookings. No one but Mirko knows what's next for him. I only hope he gets back to his winning ways and becomes a contender.
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Top 10 in the UFC Lightweight division

Posted 11-28-2007 at 06:39 PM by Rambler14
Everybody loves the 155 pounders. They rarely put on a disappointing fight in addition to being a VERY deep class.

In alphabetical order, let's talk about who I would consider the Top 10. Hopefully by the end of the article you realize just how many young superstars the UFC has at 155. I'm going to skip our current champ, Sean Sherk. Everybody knows his legal problems. If you don't, there have been plenty of threads in the UFC forum dedicated to it.

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Random MMA Thoughts Part 1

Posted 11-28-2007 at 06:22 PM by Damone
So yeah, I'm really, really digging this new blog dealy, really good stuff, and it'll be interesting to read other's work(s) on here.

So yeah, I don't know why Alistair Overeem continues to be the inconsistent mess that he is. He's talented, sure, but it seems like he's wasting his talents by being a lazy blowhard. He looked pretty solid beating Buentello, though, which is pretty much the standard Overeem we've been seeing since...forever. Next, he'll probably lose in embarrassing...
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Can the Newly Created "Yarennoka!" Rival UFC 79?

Posted 11-28-2007 at 04:36 PM by kds13
Can the Newly Created "Yarennoka!" Rival UFC 79?

Thats the question I posed to myself last night when writing a new entry for another MMA blog/site. The answer I came to, rather quickly I might add, was of course not.

The root question is: Why?

Yarennoka!, for those who don't know, is a newly formed fight card brought about by a partnership between several men, including Monte Cox (M-1 Global CEO), Sadaharu Tanigawa (Fight Entertainment Group...
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Welcome to the new and improved MMAForum!

Posted 11-28-2007 at 03:13 PM by adminmma
With this week's upgrade we've added a ring full of new features for you here at! However, I have to say the coolest are the user blogs (this thing)! Think of it! Now you can be your very own columnist and influence millions of mixed martial arts fans with your wisdom and insight!

Everyone can blog, and you can write about anything you want. A select few of you will be selected by T.B. to be our Official MMAForum bloggers! In the meantime, get off the mat and shoot for...
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