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Things I don't regret doing

Posted 11-29-2010 at 01:09 AM by Rusty
In appreciation of the Matt Hughes is a son of a beetch thread I thought I'd start this story. Hopefully it gives some impression of growing up as a down on your luck child. This section of my blog will be for persons over the age of 18 so if you're not of that age, don't read the following.

I plan to update this thread more than my rules that need to be changed blog but we'll see. The stories are bound to bounce around timeline wise as I remember them so don't call me out on it:)

First part involves my dentist at the time and my Trick or Treating on Halloween of 1986. It would prove to be my last candy caping escapade but proved to be most memorable.

My mother drives us to the country club area of the local population to let us loose on the city soc's. As we pull over our 1968 grand fury four door my mother says "stay by the car". Of course I'm not hearing that, so I run to catch up to my best friend of the time across the street he's crossed.

Ford Bronco disagrees with my 66lbs making a clean crossing that night and runs me over at the legs. I've never broken a bone in all my 100 or so months on this earth so far so I'm downplaying the injury.

Expecting a serious bruise and road rash I look down at my ankle and to my amazement, both bones are sticking out of my camouflage pants. Interestingly enough, I was more worried about my mothers state as she was more freaked out than I had ever seen her. I later found out why.

Meanwhile, the man responsible for the education of yours truly comes forward and asks "is that Jacob"? I hesitantly answer "yes it is".

Could not believe that someone I knew had put the smackdown on me. Dr. Stewart Crow:)

My mom loads me into the Fury and lays rubber. A prior experience of waiting for an ambulance for my sister prompted her to do this. She did not trust the emt's and it took everything I had to assure that I'd be fine on our way to the hospital.

My biggest worry during the surgery was their cutting the socks off that I'd "borrowed" from my father. I expected a serious ass whooping but was relieved to find that the socks weren't that important:)

I was spoiled with He-man figures and ice cream for the next few months and wouldn't change it for anything in the world. I learned a new respect for looking both ways before crossing a street and am a smarter individual and for that I'm thankful.

In the upcomng years I prove that it's gonna take more than a truck to retard my escapades:thumb02:

Hope you liked the read. More to come later:)
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Rules that will eventually change

Posted 06-28-2010 at 09:00 PM by Rusty
Although I will not be adding to this blog very often, or at least I don't think I will, I have what I consider to be some interesting ideas that I would like to jot down. If you hate them or love them let me know.

Cutting weight is a rule that I would like to see tweeked to provide improved safety to fighters and I believe there are many different ways to do it. I am no doctor nor do I believe I have the best ideas on the change but I'm sure drying your body out to the extent that some of the combatants do is not only unhealthy but very dangerous. After seeing James Irvin cut to 185 I could't help but hope for a change. Fighters like Thiago Alvez, Anthony Johnson, and even Martin Kampman cut too much weight in my opinion.

Making sure the fighters are within 10lbs of each other would be one way of curtailing weight cuts but that would not work in the HW division. Weighing in on fight day would affect a large amount of fighters that would probably be upset but in the end could lengthen their careers and hopefully provide a higher quality of living once they finished competing. I understand that alot of fighters want to make a lighter weight class for the size advantage but if noone could cut a ton of weight then basically everyone too big for a lighter weight could just move up a class other than the "tweeners". The fighters would still be roughly the same size of men and the quality of fights wouldn't change much. There are quite a few fighters that cut 15-20lbs which is alot, but other fighters are cutting 25-30lbs and more and that is unsafe for a 200lb man. In the end I hope changes are made so that fighters don't suffer later in life. Unusual thing for a fight fan to worry about but maybe I'm just weird. Thank you for reading and comment if you would like:)
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