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Why is boxing so disrespectful?

Posted 02-21-2009 at 04:47 PM by

O.k. so during the last Shane Mosely fight I heard a comment made by one of the commentators. Someone had mentioned that Oscar De La Hoya wasn't there then someone countered with the fact that he was paid five million dollars to appear at an MMA event. The other guy responded saying that's about how much they'd have to pay him to appear. Sorry I forget the names of which announcers it was but the fact remains this is the norm in boxing. Instead of respecting mma as a seperate and entertaining sport with it's own brand of talented fighters the boxing "historian's" and commentators continue to attack the spot. Meanwhile most mixed martial arts advocates I've pretty much heard always speak well of boxing.

Are they threatened? Surely MMA's climb in popularity has caused boxing to take a dive in popularity but alot of it is boxing's own fault truthfully. Numerous organizations make up the title scene (WBA, WBO, etc.) in every weight division and only the most hardcore boxing fanatics could probably tell you which champion holds which belts in the most popular divisions. This leads to title shots pretty much bought by promoters and mandatory defenses against unworthy contenders. Then you've seen it happen where a top contender finally makes it to a mandatory title fight and a guy will just sacrifice one of the two or three titles he holds in order to avoid losing all of his belts.

I enjoy boxing and honestly have been a boxing fan longer then an mma fan. That being said I find this era of boxing to be amongst the worst. You have you're best two heavyweights holding almost all of the belts and refusing to fight eachother because their brothers. Arguably the best fighter in the sport is retired in his prime. Some of the sports greatest and most popular fighters have ended or are nearing the end of their careers (De La Hoya, Hopkins, Calzage, etc). Then you have a controversy such as the Margarito hand wrapping incident.

I guess this came off as a boxing slam but I'm just tired of this bullshit. I respect boxers equally on the level of martial artists. Boxing skills are used in mma but instead of trying to compare the sports and argue which is better I respect them seperately and equally and enjoy them although not boxing as much in recent years.
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    ZeroPRIDE's Avatar
    the boxing VS mma argument has gotten so old. Its best to forget about stuff like this.
    Posted 02-22-2009 at 11:37 PM by ZeroPRIDE ZeroPRIDE is offline
    cdnbaron's Avatar
    I'm not sure who made that comment, but if I only had one guess it would be Jim Lampley. That dude hates him some MMA. I remember one fight a while ago where he was bashing MMA and Kellerman basically told him he was an asshole and the world would be a better place if he stopped speaking.
    Posted 02-23-2009 at 10:25 AM by cdnbaron cdnbaron is offline
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