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Developing Methodology and Personal Analysis - Pt 2

Posted 05-15-2010 at 03:27 PM by

The psyche is key to winning any kind of encounter in life. This becomes particularly true in a contest of fists, feet, and mind, ďkinetic chess,Ē as it has been described. The natural human emotion in the face of pain is fear. Its been key to human survival and evolution for thousands of years. They very nature of a Mixed Martial Arts bout, or any other bout for that matter, is in countance to what is burned into our DNA. The body reacts in subtle ways that innumerate these areas. Before a fighter is hit, when his opponent attacks, his muscles instinctively tense, this is the natural defensive mechanism to some form of rapid onset contact. Just before the moment of contact, the nervous system snaps into motion, attempting to protect itself and the rest of the body from the rapid contact, it reacts with the movement that it is most familiar with, whether this is a high guard to protect the brain and skull, an outside block to intercept and neutralize the contact, or simply a flailed arm vainly attempting to avoid the innevitable. At the moment of impact the brain enacts its second form of self-defense, FOF or Flight or Fight sinapses fire and the instinctive portion of the mind, housed in the brainstem, screams for retreat. The body responds in one of three ways to this sinapse, (1) It rebels, instead of retreating, it charges forward, countering innate fear with conscious anger, (2) The body does not react in any way, the mindís conscious thoughts cannot counter the fear impulse and the user stays rooted or moved sluggishly., (3) The body reacts with the natural impulse of the FOF system and retreats away from the object initiating contact. The body reacts in subtlety to yet another area, the pain response. It is natural human instinct to draw breath upon the onset of any kind of pain, the body assumes the pain is accociated with some kind of life threat, and hyperoxygenates the blood and tissues in response to potential harm. Another reaction is a sneer. The face contorts in response, another innate action, this one to produce an air of superiority to a predator, the way a desert lizardís frills will snap out or a rattlesnakeís tail rattles. After the initial contact with the pain source, the mind will produce a hormone that creates a diversion, this is designed to attract the afflicted to the idea that remaining where they are is a bad idea, one leading to harm or even death. In many cases psychological reasons are why some fighters who may not have been for any other reason, have been soundly beaten and even left a bloody mess.

In my introspective analysis that led to this writing I have developed a more in depth understanding of my own weaknesses, and my potential strengths than could have been gleaned from ten thousand discussions with an outside source. I believe that nothing is really understood or accepted until the mind admits its relevance and reality. I have a better vision for what I am, who I am, and how I currently accentuate the eight attributes I articulated previously. I have found myself lacking, but with this simple acceptance that I am lacking, I take several steps in the direction of actively representing these eight attributes. I donít pretend to believe these attributes or this simple explanation of psychological barriers and effects would have the same effect on another that it has had on me, but it is an idea, and an idea can become something much more real in the right hands. I reference Bruce Lee a second time in my summation. Bruce Lee did what very few thought was possible in his time. He achieved something that was against the rules of ettiquite in his day, and bordered on social heresy, the blending or Martial Arts for the sake of perfection of the fighting character. While it is debateable whether or not he influenced MMA in anywhere near the respect some believe he was the very first true practitioner of multiple martial arts, for the sake of perfecting the Martial Way. In my personal case, I donít pretend to be the same kind of Martial Artist that exist in history, that have made hundreds of thousands of dollars off of their abilities. I am only one man, trying to understand himself and the world in the only way he can.
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