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i got purple stripe making me intermediate green belt

Posted 05-10-2008 at 08:34 PM by

After a 5-hour test in which my teacher spent over an hour on basic drills and forms. i busted my ass to relearn hwa-rang and sa-jang forms, also a stance exercise called earth, polished up and embellished my creative form a little, all of the ****in one-steps (kind of like ippons) which ended up being so much of a pain in everyone's ass he just called em out and we had to do them and I only had to do 5. then when I was getting my stripe my teacher says "work on your forms" well i did, ones for my rank, as well as basic tae guek forms and that's what he evaluated I guess, even tho my screwups were EXTREMELY minor and I KNOW he saw me helping lower ranks with them before we began testing. However I'm not going to bitch about it b/c it was only for stripe and he does give out stripes when we don't know we're being evaluated. It was awesome to see a blue belt, who I didn't know was a cancer survivor, get her brown belt after nailing all her drills, point/self defense/taekwondo sparring like a champ, doing unbelievable board breaks. Also my other friend, a senior green belt from another system where she got her purple belt, doing everything but sparring b/c she's 3 months pregnant. that's right she's tough! in total there were about 10 ppl testing ( my school is small)
My dream is to be so awesome in class in the next few months that I get another purple stripe (moving me up to senior green belt) and test with as cool of a group of ppl as I did today.
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    So the next challenge is not far ahead,eh. I'm glad you got your stripe, congratulation, S.
    Posted 05-11-2008 at 07:17 PM by wafb wafb is offline
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