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running and despair

Posted 05-30-2008 at 09:53 PM by

I am making pretty good progress with my running as you will see in my training log. However it has had no impact on my weight. Like most 39-year-old women, I want to lose 10-15 pounds, some of which I gained when I was recovering from a broken ankle/torn ligament and subsequent surgery a little over a year ago. At 5'6" I wear a size 8 (virtually everywhere,not the mutant huge size 8 u find in some department stores) keeping me well within the healthy range for my height, according to my doctor, but I have long skinny bones and a small frame so to look really great and defined I need to lose. I do not restrict calories enough or eat well enough, although I have been making more effort recently. I know I keep talking about A Fighter's Heart on here, I wish the author had gone into more detail about the Pat Miletich fighter's diet. I'm probably eating only about 1/2 of the vegetables I should be and too much refined carbs still. i probably have to stop drinking as well before I get too habituated to taking a drink to bed with me. I am willing to run as far and as fast and incorporate any other training I need to to lose weight and get really fast b/c eventually I would like to compete in a martial arts tournament in the sparring division. I have had routine blood work and there is nothing wrong with my thyroid or metabolism or anything like that. I feel like i'm banging my head against a wall. A female black belt(no I am not a black belt, I am green belt with a purple stripe) who is anything less than buff looks ******* ridiculous imo. "I did 8 board breaks" so what you don't look like you could!!! I think I have to start lifting regularly again. I have 10 lb dumbbells but I need 12 lb, 15 lb and 20 lb ones. I dont usually have time at the Y for anything but running or bag work so prolly this is the way to go. my husband works his ass off in the summer and is too tired to hold my focus pads for me. I do jump rope at home sometimes and I have burned and will burn more CDs of my playlists that have a nice 8-count 135 bpm or so if I must resort to aerobics in the kitchen. Unfortunately my basement has too low of a ceiling to work out down there on anything but the nordic track.
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