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Nogueira shatters expectations (at least mine), dominates everywhere!

Posted 08-30-2009 at 10:04 AM by yehia
Updated 08-30-2009 at 10:06 AM by yehia
[I](Is the old Nogueira back?)[/I][/CENTER]

Earlier, i expected [URL=""]Randy Couture to dominate Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira everywhere[/URL], i really couldn't imagine a scenario where Nogueira would win. Well, he sure did show everybody that he is not done just yet. As a follow-up to the [URL=""]prediction post[/URL] here is my take on the fight.

[B]Standing up[/B][LIST][*]Just like the Lesnar fight, Couture's head movement didn't work with Nogueira like it did with Tim Sylvia.[*]Nogueira caught Couture in the first round with a right hand to the temple that sent him to the mat (the same punch Lesnar caught him with) but unlike Lesnar, Nogueira couldn't finish the fight and Couture survived.[*]It was not the only time Couture was knocked down in the fight though, as he also survived a second knockdown in the third round.[*]Nogueira's chin looked great as Couture landed a bunch of solid shots throughout the fight that didn't seem to bother Nogueira.[/LIST][B]In the clinch[/B][LIST][*]Surprisingly, Nogueira went blow by blow with Couture in the clinch.[*]Interestingly, Couture -behind in the scorecards- didn't shoot for a takedown, not once.[/LIST][B]On the ground[/B][LIST][*]Nogueira swept Couture just like he did Fedor but he was able to hold Couture down way longer.[*]Couture -[URL=""]As expected[/URL]- showed textbook submission defence as he defended a very tight D'Arce choke, a similarly tight Arm Triangle and a Rear Naked Choke.[*]While on top in Nogueira's guard, Couture's GNP was not as violent as [URL=""]his submission coach Neil Melanson said it would be[/URL].[/LIST]
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Why Couture will dominate Nogueira Everywhere

Posted 08-28-2009 at 06:24 PM by yehia
Updated 08-28-2009 at 10:21 PM by yehia
[I](Randy Couture pounding on Gabreial Gonzaga with
his [URL=""]BROKEN[/URL] left arm).[/I][/CENTER]
[B]Standing up[/B][LIST][*]Couture dominated Tim Sylvia standing up (he knocked him down with the first punch).[*]If outboxed, Couture can take the fight to the ground at will.[/LIST][B]In the clinch[/B][LIST][*]Couture is great at dirty boxing and holding fighters against the fence.[*]Nogueira doesn't have the wrestling ability to take Couture down.[*]Nogueira doesn't mind getting taken down so much.[/LIST][B]On the ground[/B][LIST][*]Two-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu absolute world champion [URL=""]Jacare[/URL] didn't even score in a grappling bout with Couture (Couture outweighed Jacare with 30-40 lbs but he didn't come to the bout 100% and he wasn't pounding on Jacare either).[*]Fedor GnP'ed Nogueira from his guard for the most part of thier first fight, so it's not that impossible to do.[*]Elbow srikes which Couture can use were banned in Pride.[*]Brock Lesnar couldn't hold Couture down.[/LIST]
P.S. [URL=""]Lesnar is next[/URL].

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Top 10 Worst Game Plans in MMA

Posted 08-26-2009 at 11:01 AM by yehia
Updated 08-26-2009 at 03:39 PM by yehia
A game plan is one of the most important aspects of an MMA fight.You could possess all the tools and potential to win a fight and yet manage to throw it all out of the window, whether it's because of ego, mental weakness or just utter stupidity. Here is a list of the top ten most idiotic infuriating potential-wasting game plans in MMA.

10. Thales Leites vs Anderson Silva
Winner - Silva by Decision

Even in pure Jiu-Jitsu competition we don't often see the butt-scoot and pray technique that Leites kept going for. May be that's why they allowed head stomps and soccer kicks in Pride.

9. Rashad Evans vs Lyoto Machida
Winner - Machida by KO

Nothing, That is what Rashad Evans and his trainer Greg jackson seemed to have come up with for the Machida fight and that is exactly what Rashad did. No countering, no takedown attempts.Lyoto Machida is a very elusive and unorthodox fighter who also drinks his own urine but come on.

8. Jason Macdonald vs Demian Maia
Winner - Maia by sub

I don't know what happened to the good old "fight your opponents where he is weakest", because Macdonald having a huge reach advantage and better stand up not only went for the clinch and let the fight go to the ground but he also kept trying to submit Maia. Well, We know how that turned out.

7. Sean Sherk vs Frank Edgar
Winner - Edgar by decision

I bet Sean Sherk was telling himself while getting picked apart throughout the fight "I have knockout power, I have knockout power", Until it finally hit him in the third round, "Oh shit, I don't have knockout power", only then he went for the takedown but it was a little too late for that.

6. Frank Shamrock vs Cung Le
Winner - Le by TKO

"It will be a good test for me to stand with Cung," that's what Shamrock said in a pre-fight interview. Let's hope he learned that tests belong in the gym and sticks to fighting in the cage.

5. Pete Sell vs Scott Smith
Winner - Smith by KO

Judging how bad Smith does every time he goes to the ground Pete Sell (A Jiu-Jitsu brown belt back then) could have finished the fight easily on the ground but he chose to stand and trade with Smith to make an exciting fight. That is exactly what he did and hopefully all he wanted.

4. Kalib Starnes vs Nate Quarry
Winner - Quarry by Decision

The distance that Starnes ran backwards in that fight was impressive, considering how small is the octagon, his foot was broken and the fact that Quarry was chasing after him with punches and brutal leg kicks. I say Dana White made him a favor by releasing him from the UFC so he can focus on his Backward running career.

3. Frank Mir vs Brock Lesnar
Winner - Lesnar by TKO

After Mir prepared for his fight with Lesnar by sparring with Forrest Griffin and rolling with Robert Drysdale hopefully he won't train for Cheick Kongo by sparring with Gray Maynard because - you know, He is a faster and a more dynamic wreslter than Kongo.

2. Michael Bisping vs Dan Henderson
Winner - Henderson by KO

Circling towards Henderson's power hand was not the right thing to do, I'm sure Bisping knew that, his corner knew that and told him not to do it, even Mike Goldberg knew that. Why did Bisping kept doing it is beyond me.

1. Forrest griffin vs Anderson silva
Winner - Silva by KO

At the beginning of that fight Griffin tried to pull a James Irvin (right leg kick that silva caught and counterd with a right cross - a mistake that Griffin also did in his fight with Rashad Evans that cost him the fight), When that didn't work he switched to the Chris Leben right away, Way to study fights, Forrest.

May be fighters should use thier heads and set their egos aside so - as Dana White puts it - we can find out who really is the best.

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