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M.C 12-02-2010 03:30 AM

*** Rules: READ ***

This is NOT a discussion section. You cannot hop in this thread, make a simple observation, then leave. If you join the thread, you are required to debate the subject. This isn't a playground, it's made for those who want to really debate subjects without any off topic banter or people hopping in and making 1 liner posts.

This section has general forum rules like any other section, however, they will be applied more heavily in here. This section will stay clean, friendly. People may bump heads once in a while, it is expected, but the discussion never leaves the realm of "play nice". If the thread turns sour, it will be given 1 warning to stay on track than removed if it continues down that path.

The minimum post count required to start or participate in a debate is 200, and your rep must be in the green. If you post/start a debate and do not meet these requirements, your thread/post will be removed and ignored. It is no hard feelings to anyone who do not have the requirements, it is to keep this section friendly and troll free.

This isn't a place to debate about MMA. Leave your MMA debates in the MMA sections for now. We may create a MMA sub-section, but that will be a little while.

If you feel that you are not winning the debate, or if you feel that you have been proven wrong on a part of/the whole subject, man up and say "I've conceded". This is not a "ha-ha, you lost" section. It's for mature posters who simply enjoy debating. If you do not have time for the debate, or feel you want out of it for another reason, say you have conceded. No excuses of "eh, I don't have time". You cannot leave the opposing person/people in a way that makes them feel the whole debate was a waste. Say "I have conceded".

When you start a thread, you must list your argument in full. You must state any facts you can, details, evidence, links to evidence. You must go in depth, this is not a small paragraph section where you can toss in a few lines and throw out a paragraph. You start in depth and you keep it in depth. This is not a normal discussion board, it is full on in-depth debate.

If you have any questions/comments about the section, please PM me or create a thread in the Feedback section of the forum. No question threads allowed, keep it to debates only.

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