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Rauno 06-19-2012 01:09 PM

TDKR discussion

Easily the most anticipated movie of the year for me.

deadmanshand 06-19-2012 02:05 PM

That looked as bad as all the other trailers have looked for this movie. Bane still looks like a gigolo. The football stadium scene still looks awful. And an inordinate amount of it is still Joseph Gordon Levitt - who couldn't act his way through a high school play - just kind of puttering around Gotham.

HexRei 06-20-2012 12:07 AM

seriously? i think it looks bad ass. I wonder how well Hardy will be able to emote inside that mask though.

deadmanshand 06-20-2012 02:36 AM

What part of it looked good?

Rauno 06-20-2012 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by deadmanshand (Post 1594912)
What part of it looked good?

Everything. It's obvious you don't like the Nolan series and taste is just something people can't argue about.

deadmanshand 06-20-2012 02:38 PM

I loved Batman Begins but detested the Dark Knight. How does that make me hate the series? I just think the trailers for this look genuinely awful.

I love Batman and Bane is my favorite of his villains. I was pretty stoked to hear that he was going to be the villain. The trailers just smothered that fire.

HexRei 06-20-2012 04:39 PM

Why? this Bane is a monster, and in a good way. I mean do you remember what they did to him in that awful Clooney movie?

deadmanshand 06-20-2012 05:16 PM

I do unfortunately and this movie will be better than that.

But this isn't Bane. It's just not the same character. It is a Nolan villain that has the name Bane slapped onto him. His motivation's not the same. He doesn't even have Venom from what Nolan has said because he doesn't do superscience yet he had the cellphone bs in the last movie and a ridiculous looking batwing in this one. But he doesn't do superscience. It's not realistic enough in his gritty, throat cancer ridden world of angry rich boys in tights fighting crime.

Nolan isn't putting out a Batman movie. He is putting out a gritty, actiony crime drama that happens to have characters who share the names of people from the Batman comics. That pisses me off. It pissed me off about the Dark Knight and now its pissing me off in the trailers for the Dark Knight Rises.

This trailer - like every other trailer for this movie - has been ridiculous explosion after ridiculous explosion with occasional shots of gigolo Bane and Joseph Gordon Levitt. Oh and the rare brief scene of the god damned Batman. You know the main character?

I honestly don't understand how people see this trailer and say "Yeah! I gotta see this!"

M.C 06-20-2012 06:01 PM

Never been a fan of live action comic-book movies, but as an action movie it seems decent (from the trailer). TDK was average at best for me, with extreme overacting from the main character and bad guy (to a point of heavily detracting from the movie), boring action scenes compared to other action movies out there, and the general feel I was left with was "meh".

I will probably watch this one someday as well, and probably get the same feeling. The trailer, however, is pretty decent and sells the movie well for those who liked the TDK.

HexRei 07-10-2012 06:07 PM

Hahaha. Check out Tom Hardy's backne!

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