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team fortress 2 review

anyone here play this game? i think its awesome

for those who don't its a fps online multiplayer game but with a twist. you play as a team and have to complete objectives to win like capture the flag or take control points. the game has a cartoonish style to it which really sets it apart from most other fps games.

the twist is that there are 9 different classes to choose from. each class has different abilities and the way you play the game differs between each class.

the classes

soldier: this class has 200hp a rocket launcher and runs pretty slow. the rocket is very powerful and can even be used to launch you to higher places when you shoot it at your feet. the soldier is probably the most deadly class in the game but his lack of speed makes him pretty useless at capturing flags.

pyro: this class has 175hp and his main weapon is a flamethrower. when you hit someone with your flames they set and fire and continuously lose health until the flames are put out. the flamethrower only has a small range, which makes it a beast close up but useless from a distance.

scout: the scout has 125hp but is incredibly fast. this class can capture control points faster than anyone else, and his speed makes him quite hard to aim at.

demoman: this class uses a grenade launcher and a remote detonated sticky bomb launcher. the sticky bombs can be set up on the floor and walls, then when an unsuspecting enemy comes by pull the trigger and watch his body parts fly across the room. demoman is a defensive class but in the right hands can be deadly in attack as well.

medic: he does exactly as what the name implies, he heals people. he has a healing gun which heals players, over time an energy bar builds up and when full you can use an ubercharge which makes you and the ally your aiming at invincible for 10 seconds, this is very useful at breaking through the enemies defense.

heavy: this guy carries a huge minigun, he has 300hp but is incredibly slow. the heavy is good at holding off enemies at your base because he has so much health and alot of firepower.

sniper: the name is pretty self explanatory, he carries a sniper rifle which can kill opponents instantly with a headshot.

: this class is very useful. his main ability is to build objects which can help your team. he can build a teleporter entrance/exit which can vastly help your team advance to the objective location. he can build a dispenser which heals allies, gives them ammo and restores your metal which is used to build things. he can also build an upgradeable sentry which is very accurate and powerful.

spy: this is probably the most unique class out of the bunch of them. the spy has 125hp, a revolver and a knife. the main feature which makes him so fun is the ability to disguise himself as an enemy class. while disguised you can run around enemies and they'll be none the wiser, sneak behind an enemy and stab them for an instant kill, but when you attack you lose your disguise. if the enemy is on to the spy he can temporarily go invisible and make his escape.

all the classes are balanced, the soldier seems a little over powered in 1 on 1 battles but considering he's the slowest class it's not so bad. if your getting your ass handed to you, you can change your class and rethink your strategy, something that not alot of fps's have.

the game is out on the pc and comes with the orange box on 360 and ps3. it really is a great game, if your going to get it i suggest getting the pc version (if your pc can run it) because theres alot of user made content that extends the lifespan 10 fold plus you can play on huge 40+ man servers whereas the console versions have a maximum of 16 players.

i myself have the 360 version. the 360 version has quite a few problems, it has a major issue with lag, almost every 16 player game i join is plagued with lag. the console just doesnt feel right for aiming either (i can never get a headshot as a sniper )

overall i'd give the 360 version 8.6/10

the pc version gets a 9.6/10 as its lag free and you get all that extra content.
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