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NasJayz™ 10-19-2006 12:15 PM

Rockstars Bully game in trouble
'Bully' game targeted in the US
The game is set in an American private school
School violence is part and parcel of the game

Lawyer Jack Thompson is attempting to stop the game going on sale, arguing it would cause a public nuisance.

The judge in the case has agreed to take a look at the title and play it before reaching a decision.

A spokesman for developers Rockstar said the game had a teen-only rating in the US and a 15 rating in the UK.

Mr Thompson filed his legal action last month, claiming that the game would violate Florida's public-nuisance laws.

They are typically used to prosecute environmental pollution.

There's no blood at all in the game. There's no physical damage
Rockstar spokesman

The legal action is against the US publisher Take 2, as well as retail giants Wal-Mart and GameStop.

"I'm pretty sure that the game is harmful to minors," Mr Thompson told the Washington Post newspaper.

The BBC News website has been shown an unfinished copy of the game. In it, the main character has to defend himself from school bullies as well as form alliances with different cliques in the school.

Tackling the bullies and stopping them from picking on other children is a key feature of the game.

'Hitting girls'

"Hitting girls, little kids, teachers and prefects lands you in serious trouble - you're busted straight away," said the spokesman.

Fighting forms a large part of the title but the developers said it was displayed like a "cartoon or Popeye fight".

He said: "There's no blood at all in the game. There's no physical damage.

"Nobody dies in the game. There are no guns."

But the main character can use dustbin lids and baseball bats to hit other children in the school.

He said: "Anyone over 15 knows that hitting someone with a baseball bat is going to cause serious head injury and would not copy it just because they saw it in a video game.

"I'm pretty sure no parent will be giving this to their five-year-olds."

Dog Eat Dog

In the UK, Bully has changed its name to Canis Canem Edit (Dog Eat Dog) and is due for release on the PlayStation 2 on 27 October.

The Rockstar spokesman said the game was "entertainment" and was "out of reach of people who are unable to draw a distinction between what's real and what's fantasy".

He added: "Video faced the same backlash in the 80s, music did in the 50s when Elvis shaked his hips. Now we think of it as laughable.

"I am fairly confident that this vilification of videogames will be looked at in the same way in 20 years when the policy makers have grown up with video games as much as 30 year olds."

Storm442 10-19-2006 03:02 PM

I saw a commerical for it on MTV.

There's probably an "unlock" code for blood and guns. If not the private modders will make them available soon.

Nabors12 10-19-2006 04:48 PM

My actual response to this situation would be quite lengthy, so Ill stick to a short summary.

This game has absolutely nothing in it that would constitute the response it is receiving from lawmakers and lawyers. The game is far from the level of the GTA series yet it was said to be a "columbine simulator". it is all a crock of conservative bullshit.

The video game industry is increasingly becoming under scrutiny by various lawyers looking to make a name for themselves by crusading against violent videogames. Everytime I see news of people tyring to ban games and shit it makes me sick. Yet they make no mention of the violence and sex we see everyday on BASIC CABLE TELEVISION, where it seems they push the envelope each and every day. IT IS NOT THE GOVERENMENT'S JOB TO REGULATE WHAT KIDS ARE EXPOSED TO! ITS THE GODDAMN PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY!

lambertjr 10-22-2006 10:36 AM

The worst thing is the timing of it's release due to the school in the last month.
They tried it with movies, music, books and now games.
It'll run out of steam in due time.

lilpuncher 10-22-2006 03:15 PM

Yeah this is full of shite. With they way kids are being raised these days, all sissy like, if you ask me they could use a baseball bat up side the head everynow and again. lol
But for real, you would think these law makers and lawyers would have something better to do with there time. If this keeps up vid games could go underground and be released on the blk market. Then who knows what content would be there.

jaymackz 10-22-2006 03:21 PM


Lars 10-22-2006 03:26 PM


Originally Posted by jaymackz
Hmm.. I foresee a lot of deaths in the not so distant future -_- WAY to go rockstar!...freakin goofs. As if GTA wasn't enough, they bring this out...I mean, there's a lot of kids nowday's with the mentality "Monkey See, Monkey Do" kinda thing.

Heh. I'm getting it. Seems fun to go bully kids without getting in trouble.

I believe that if you have the intelligenc elevel of a rat, and actually are influence by media like that, you deserve a slow and painful death.

jaymackz 10-22-2006 04:04 PM


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