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KillerShark1985 01-13-2012 03:48 PM

Skyrim Top Tips
Sorry to open a new Topic about Skyrim but the other is over crowned with game dicussion, I want to keep this one free from Discussion and just give and get everyone else's top tips.

What to Buy, I only ever buy the following items.

1. Ore
2. Ingots
3. Pelts
4. Spells
5. Ingredients
6. Soul Gems

I only ever buy raw materials, then I work my Smithing Level up buy creating mostly Iron Daggers, then use the Iron Daggers to practice Enchantment with Petty and Lesser Soul Gems, this will then Increase your Enchantment Level up, then sell off the Daggers, save the better soul gems to Enchant Ring and Necklaces that you want to keep yourself once your enchanting level is high enough to great good thinks say at least level 50.

Companions (your slaves)

Have a number of different companions for different Missions, when you first get a new companion start by taking all there stuff, then craft a suitable Armer and Weapon for them based on there use, i.e. the women you fight in the pub at Whiterum I supply here with a self crafted Full Steel Armour Set and Crafted Two hardened Battle Axe, The Women at Dragonsreach has a top of the range crafted Hind Armour Steel Sword and Bow. Use them to carry stuff but not weapons so they always use the only weapon they have the one you want them to use.

Must Have Spells

1. Soul Trap
2. Clairvoyance
3. Speells to Summons Atronach's (make sure you when you visit the College you focus your education on Conjuration spells, Desruction is simple anyway, noobish and sh1t, Conjuration spells are fcuking bad ass, in fact buy steal and kill for all the Conjuration spells you can get your hands on.

Take Everything but Steal Nothing, no point stealing in this game, but take everything, if your friends are letting you take it then take it, bleed the place dry, cups, jugs kettles the LOT, EVERY LAST FCUKING THING, you dont have room to carry then make another journey over use fast travel, but go back a wipe the place clean and just sell all that sh1t, sometimes even back to the person you are taking it from.

More to come......

hixxy 01-14-2012 01:22 AM

I played it slightly different to you Killer..

I didn't use any of the spells you mentioned, i just used Healing, Healing Hands and Muffle (to level up).

As for companions I used Lydia until she went missing and then used Aela the Huntress from the Companions for the rest of my time. I gave them both loads of weapons, mainly staffs and let them cause havoc.

As for buying, I did buy iron ignots to make daggers, about 200 in fact, to level up on smithing.

I just got the platinum trophy for this on PS3 on Thursday, after 103 hours game play.

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