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M.C 10-16-2013 04:29 PM

Fighting/insults **READ/IMPORTANT**
Here in the last few months this place has taken a turn for the worse in regards to member fighting and insults being thrown around at each other. We even get PMs from members all the time about how there's so much fighting around this place and that it's hard to even get a real discussion going sometimes because of it. This can't continue.

Fighting will happen from time to time, but right now it's at a point where the staff has a hard time keeping up with how many people fight/insult/bait around this place, it's too much now. What's really sad is that we have members, well known and good members, who completely forget the rules and then start fighting and participating in this kind of back and forth nonsense. We PM members, warn members, infract members, even ban members, and they come back the same and learn nothing.

To solve this issue, we are implementing a NO TOLERANCE rule on fighting/insults. We're talking about things from telling a member he's not a "real MMA fan" (which for some reason is popular among members as of late), all the way to straight insults. Any baiting comments, any comments trying to start a fight, it's over. None of this "you're a fanboy your opinion doesn't matter", none of these unnecessary sarcastic and overly aggressive posts out of nowhere, all of that ends now, this fighting has to stop. If you are someone who fights with other members daily (you know who you are if you do this), then I highly suggest a change in posting habits.

Individual insults/fights/baiting comments will be handled situation by situation, some are worse than others, however all will be dealt with as swiftly as possible.

Thank you for reading this and we hope this thread/warning alone stops a good portion of this fighting; we don't want to have to do this, in fact it's obvious that we have been too lenient on this subject as we get along with almost everyone here, we're members of this board just like you are and we just want to relax and have a pleasant time here, this is forced on us to have to take this kind of stance as nothing else is working.

If you have questions, problems, concerns, either about anything in this thread or anything on this board from members attacking you to insulting reps, etc, PM a staff member and let them be aware of it. There are NO "who did it first" rules on this board, if someone comes at you and you respond in the same way, you are both at fault. Let the staff handle these type of comments, your negative response will only escalate the situation. If you let us handle it without you responding (to a post that insults you), then the situation will stop immediately without being escalated, you won't get into any type of "trouble", and these people that start the fighting will learn quickly not to do so, thus making us all have a better experience here all around. The staff is here for a reason, utilize us, help us help you.

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