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ajitator 05-29-2007 01:47 PM

This forum is filled with kids...
Seriously, when I first discovered this forum I was excited for the fact that I found a place where I can talk to people who have similar interest than me. But after a while, i'm starting to get disappointed.

First, the amount of biased/nuthugging post from pride fanboys. I mean seriously, cro-cop gets knocked out by someone barely anyone knows, decisively. but then people still start making post saying it's impossible for someone else to bet cro-cop when he gets back and he will destroy everyone on his way to belt. come on man, how can you be that close minded. this sport is changing and everyone is training harder than ever.

Now Lidell loses and i see post saying Lidell is done, and he's overrated and he sucks. Are you kidding me? did you just forget that he's been champion for 3 years and defeated every single top contender in the LHW of the ufc. he loses once (in 3 years) and people discredit everything else he's done in the past.

it's like when i was 10 and i was playing street fighter with my brother. i beat him 30x in a row and he finally beat me once and he jumped up, cheered, got in my face and started yelling i suck and he kicked my ass. totally discreditng the past 30 wins i had before.

i'm disgusted by some of these posts, it shows nothing but ignorance and 'fanboy-ism'. i'm just waiting for the day fedor comes to the ufc and gets destroyed by another unknown fighter, i'd like to see what type of excuse all his fanboys are gonna say.

some more example:
diego sanchez posts saying he's the best, he needs title shot, then after he lost i saw post saying he sucks, overrated, etc.

matt hughes destroyed everyone for a couple of years then lost to gsp and all of the sudden hughes sucks, past his prime, doesnt have it anymore, etc.

now that i think about it i dont think anything is gonna change. i was just hoping this is one of the more mature forums that i have bookmarked.

murrayjb 05-29-2007 01:54 PM

True...i think Liddell is overrated, but ive posted my reasons before in a long page. Ive thought he was overrated, even when he was dominating, so i never jumped ship with him.
Cro Cop got KO'd and i hope to god he comes back amazing like i know he can, but hes my favorite fighter and im stickin on his bandwagon no matter what.

I never liked Diego Sanchez, hes a douche...

I never really had a solid opinion on Matt Hughes...i think hes a great fighter, i was just happy that a canadian boy beat his ass.
But yeah, i know what your saying. A Majority of people will jump ship after 1 loss and discredit anything anyone has ever done.

Rich Franklin is the BEST example of ship jumpage. Before UFC 64...this dude was up there with chuck liddell when it came to the ol' nutt huggery and worship. And he loses to Anderson...and everyone was saying how much he sucked ass. ...pathetic...(i personally think Rich will beat Okami and then Anderson (or marquardt)

murrayjb 05-29-2007 01:57 PM


Originally Posted by One_Love
im sure you know this but Matt Hughes is canadian too. hes not.

bbjd7 05-29-2007 02:01 PM

I agree with most of your post but age doesn't have anything to do with it in my opinion im 16 and have seen almost every Pride and UFC event. I have been watching MMA since i was 6 so i take offense when you say that this fourm being full of kids is a problem Personally I feel im more educated about MMA than half of the UFC/Pride nuthuggers who just blindly side with either UFC or Pride without thinking about what is going on.
But beside that you make some very good points. This forum is very fickle when it comes to fighters. I personally still think Diego is going to win the title in the next few years and i think he might have won it this year if it wasn't for the Hep C stuff.

With Hughes it isn't as ridculous because he hasn't looked like himself in two straight fights.

The Cro Cop stuff depends on whether he takes UFC seriously this time because he hadn't even been training in a cage Cro Cop is going to be a force in the HW divison and it is ignorant to say otherwise but it is also ignorant to say he is going to show up and dominate.

Fedor on the other hand will run thourgh everyone on the planet and it is just because unlike Cro Cop and Herring he is well rounded. Fedor is the most well rounded fighter on the planet well either him or Shogun.

So in conclusion Some UFC fighters are better than Pride Fighters and vis versa.
Shogun and Fedor are the best HW and LHW in the world but UFC has some top guys to. Shrek, Penn and their whole WW divison are beast.

Dutch Master 05-29-2007 02:02 PM

Ummmm...I sort of agree with you.

Chuck lost pretty badly to Rampage in their "past" match-up and all i heard before Rampage knocked him on his ass was how Chuck was going to destroy him. I've been saying Rampage had more than just a lucky chance for a long time and I got crapped on by the same little kids praising the Iceman.

Chuck is still in my top Ten fighters, but unfortunately there are 4 other Light Heavy weights that I think could take chuck apart.

Chuck vs. W. Silva, ask me what I think will happen and I bet you the Chuck nuthuggers will answer in droves.

The only fighter worth nuthugging is Fedor, but that's because he isn't human and can't lose. I heard he was actually the animal that ate Timothy Treadwell, and that they killed the wrong Kodiak bear.

But try not to get too serious on these boards. Just have fun and put the newbs in their place. I got your back :thumbsup:

T.B. 05-29-2007 02:02 PM

It's always like that, until a week after an event. Then finally, the n00bs start filtering themselves out.

I see you've been here in should know the drill by now bud.

Moved To Forum Feedback.

PrideFan123 05-29-2007 02:03 PM

Hughes isn't Canadian.

wukkadb 05-29-2007 02:04 PM

UHH, there was another thread exactly like this yesterday? Close this shit:bye02:

Green Scape 05-29-2007 02:05 PM

No worries dude, all forums have ignorant members but if you look and try a little harder there're a lot more people like you than you think. I've been on a few forums and I back this one up 100%. Give it more time and you'll notice there're a lot of people on here to learn legit mma from, that can talk legit mma, and have backed up reasoning for their oppinions on legit mma, even you don't agree with them.

I feel ya though, mainstream fans kinda ruin the fun, but hopefully those mainstreamers will become real fans eventually if they stick around.

If not.. :thumb01: we'll f*cking kill them ALL!

ID06 05-29-2007 02:07 PM

It's just amazing how many new fans an underdog gets after he upsets someone. It changes from "GSP is gonna work over Serra easily" to "I always knew Serra had a chance and even told my friends he would win!"

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