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AnMMAFan 07-29-2007 12:52 AM

Positive and negative rep
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Hi all,

I can't tell if I got a signed negative rep. Please don't neg rep me just to prove a point :praise01:

But without showing names who signed look at the colors in he icons to the left of the reps.

All are green except one, which is purple. I assume a neg rep is red, but am I wrong? What is that purple icon? I assumed all were positive and reped all back with positive.

Thanks, all answers get a positive rep :thumb02: Unless I already repped you recently and it won't let me in which case I'll remember you :).


DAMURDOC 07-29-2007 01:26 AM

purple means someone have homosexual attraction to you because of the post you've just made.

sirdilznik 07-29-2007 01:29 AM

Weird, i've never gotten a purple ep. I'm going to assume you mean a grey rep. I think this means a negative 9and maybe positive) rep from a member who is in the red themselves, therefore it counts as nothing (not positive or negative). Either way, don't pay too much attention to the rep counts. It's easy for one bad apple to bring others count down and for several unscrupulous members to trade reps back and forth (though you have to spread rep arount to rep someone again) to increase their rep counts mutually. I know which members I respect by the posts they made and I don't care how many green or red rectangles they have below their name. That being said, I still try to positive rep those that deserve it and I don't engage in the BS rep for rep thing. If you rep me I will rep you back if you deserve it, period.

The point I'm trying to make is that it's easy to abuse t rep system (and the points/money system), but for what? Some green rectangles under your name or meaningless points? Just be true to yourself and post what you feel and try to be sensitive to other members (Don't troll) and others will respect you regardlesss of your "status". I know whih members I respect, and it has nothing to do with rep count (though I have nothing against the system and i try to follow it)/

Split 07-29-2007 01:29 AM

It's somebody who either neg or pos repped you, but doesnt have any rep power. So it's a neutral rep, it doesnt do anything.

WouldLuv2FightU 07-29-2007 01:37 AM

Split is correct, the person who repped you prolly has 0 or less rep points himself. You have to just guess wether they intended it to be + or -.

For future reference, there is a forum for this at the bottom of the main page called "MMAforum feedback" or even in the lounge.

Couchwarrior 07-29-2007 07:35 AM

Sorry for being stupid, but where do I open that window to check my reps?

KO Power 07-29-2007 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by Couchwarrior
Sorry for being stupid, but where do I open that window to check my reps?

its in your use control panel. It list all your reps on the bottom.

KO Power 07-29-2007 10:43 AM


Originally Posted by DAMURDOC
purple means someone have homosexual attraction to you because of the post you've just made.


jehu pitchfork 07-29-2007 12:20 PM

im not sure why people care about reps. SOOO many people throw around negative reps simply cuz they don't agree w/ someone's opinion/post. kind of defeats the purpose of the system. it seems to be abused waaaaay too much.

Hollywood6655 07-29-2007 12:25 PM

you know they had talked about for a while not allowing neg rep until you get your second rep you could weed out all the stupid neg rep.........

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