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Tyrone Scheere 04-23-2013 02:53 PM

REVIEW: Belly Pad Protectors
I was able to try out 4 brands of Belly Pads. The Kimurawear Belly Pad, Windy Belly Pad Protector, Title MMA GEL Belly Protector and the Boon Sport Belly Protector. All with the same basic design, they are the center pillow design with a single wide belt wrap around style with Velcro ends. First off the Belly Pad is a much misunderstood piece of equipment, but a most essential tool of the trade especially in muay thai and kickboxing. This type of Pad is great for push kicks, knee strikes and blows to the mid-section. All of the Belly Pads fit the same, give or take a bit with the length of the belt, and little hang. All four Pads had nice wide straps with strong hook and loop Velcro.
When it comes to the weight, the Boon Sport comes in at the heaviest; the Title Pad is the lightest, with the Kimurawear and the Windy Belly Pads coming in at about the same weight in the middle. The Windy and Title Pads are made of synthetic materials were as the Kimurawear and Boon Sport Pads are made from genuine leather. I put the 4 Belly Pads through a full regiment of different blows to see how they react and to feel how much of the impact they absorb. The Boon Sport was great, it is the thickest of the four and you can definitely feel the blows being absorb in to the Pad and not the wearer. The Kimurawear also had great impact absorption, comparable with the Windy Belly Pad. While the Title does boast about its Gel Enforced Lining, I didnít feel that it gave any added benefits and only a down side because it seem like after some extensive use the front and side panels might start to come off. Over all the Boon Sport offers the best impact absorption. Kimurawear and Windy offer vary good impact absorption but also gives you good flexibility and maneuverability.

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