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rdlviper 06-16-2006 12:16 PM

MMA Gear - who makes the best?
Does anyone have any suggestions as to who makes the best mixed-martial-arts gear???

In particular i'm looking for head protection.

The Don 06-16-2006 12:46 PM

don't know directly never used it but heard good things,

iceman574 06-16-2006 01:50 PM

Mmauniverse Has A Huge Varity Of Eqipment

RileyG 06-16-2006 06:02 PM

I know it's not MMA in particular more so Boxing but head gear is head gear. Everlast is always a good choice top notch equipment.

IronMan 06-17-2006 01:33 AM

I use Everlast for bags and boxing gloves and have found that stuff to be really good, but for general MMA gear I go with tapout.

Sub By Armbar 06-17-2006 09:11 PM

For head gear and such, Fairtex.

Also, Martial Arts Mart has a very good site that has just about everything that someone needs to train seriously.

Everlast is a great choice as well.

Paw 06-18-2006 09:09 AM

There is no best equipment each make tends to have its own strengths and weaknesses

Onganju 06-20-2006 07:35 PM

I think it's better to first determine what you need in order to train well. Then from there, you can put together your shopping list and not be without.

Wait, don't I just create The Must Have List for MMA Gear topic? Look it up to see if I've missed anything!



The Don 06-23-2006 11:24 AM

This companies stuff looks real good and functional, and has l;ots of uses.. Any thoughts? I have not seen prices I am guessing a bit pricey since they deal with military and law enforcement.

The Don 06-24-2006 11:05 AM
Here is another company they focus mainly in Muay thai style equipment but not a large selection but looks well made.

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