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Onganju 06-18-2006 07:58 PM

The Must Have List For MMA Gear
Hey all... I was thinking of putting together a "must have" list for folks who are looking at training in MMA. What I'm thinking of putting together is a listing of gear to be used with one person and 1 training partner to effectively train. Considering this is going to cover both striking and grappling, and that this list is for those with wallets that aren't the deepest in the world, what would you put down as "must have" equipment and gear for the budding MMA practitioner? For instance:

Bike or Support Shorts (wear them under your rolling shorts so that your genitals don't play a game of ping-pong when you get taken down or thrown)
Supporter and Cup (I've been struck in the groin more times rolling than I have ever been when standing up)
Mouth Guard (Chipping and breaking teeth happen a lot when you're thrown around, or being put in the Chokehold or Neck Crank du jour)
Knee Pads (self explanatory)

Wrestling Mats (too expensive for most, open carpet or grass can always suffice, just not as nice to roll on)
Wrestling Shoes (this one is a toss-up, rolling without shoes is okay, but traction and not getting your individual toes caught is nice; wearing shoes can be like attaching velcro to your feet on some leg holds)
Grappling Gloves (if you're leisurely rolling, these are completely useless... if you're preparing for competition, then they're a must)
Head Gear (cool for regular Greco-Roman work, but if you put your arm up around someone's head in a submission scenario, you might as well ask for your opponent to put you in an armbar, or choke you out).

That's what I've got for Grappling so far. I'll get into the Striking equipment when I have a little more time.

The Don 06-19-2006 09:09 AM

the only other thing I would list as optional is elbow bads for some espically if your not on a mat.. and i am not a fan of knee pads so I'd list them under optional.. and to prevent wearing so much under your shorts they have support shorts that have a built in holder for a cup. I like these I was a hockey goalie and had a pair used them for training as well..

Onganju 06-19-2006 08:05 PM


Originally Posted by The Don
the only other thing I would list as optional is elbow bads for some espically if your not on a mat.. and i am not a fan of knee pads so I'd list them under optional.. and to prevent wearing so much under your shorts they have support shorts that have a built in holder for a cup. I like these I was a hockey goalie and had a pair used them for training as well..

I'd list Elbow Pads as optional. The reason why I listed knee pads as mandatory is because all the times I've rolled where it's not high impact, we've always started out on our knees, and avoided standing fully. In that case there, the knee pads always saved us from undo scrapes, cuts or bruises.

Striking Gear list coming soon. I'm at work right now, and I have to take care of Admin stuff before posting in earnest.

Onganju 06-19-2006 11:10 PM

Striking Equipment
Okay, now I'll try to delve into a "Must Have" list for striking gear. Remember, this is for a situation where you have yourself and a training partner. I'm going to address this from the standpoint that you are training a full 8-point offense system that encorporates Knees and Elbows, not just Punching. With that, let's see what I can come up with...

Head Gear (Simple boxing head gear will not keep you from getting KTFO, but will lessen the chance of superficial injuries like cuts and bruises. fat lips are one thing, but a bad gash on your eyebrows is lot more to deal with in training or afterwards)
Mouth Piece (Again a simple single-sided mouth piece goes a long way to avoid dental injury, and is a must for any contact/combat sport)
Supporter and Cup (If any sparring is done, this is a must for obvious reasons).
Boxing Gloves (I would go with your generic 16oz training gloves. Having these big ass gloves will do wonders for the actual speed of your punches)
Shin Guards (Simple cloth shin guards will help if you're trying to effectively learn how to throw MT style kicks, and also when you're learning how to defend such MT style leg kicks)
A Large Target Shield (With a training partner this can be used to improvise for a lot of other equipment: MT Pads, Focus Mitts, Heavy Bag, etc)

Heavy Bag (Optional if you have a readily available training partner and a Large Target Shield--Mandatory if you have a shortage of training partners or time)
Wrist Wraps (I've never gone into a situation where the punching was so intense while training that these were an absolute must, but if the focus of sparring is going to be in a 70/30 bias towards striking they would be recommended)
Instep/Foot Guards (If you're kicking properly with power, you'll be connecting with the base of your shin more than you would your foot, even then with the more effective thrusting kicks, you'll be connecting more with the bottom of your foot)
Ankle Support/Wraps (This will vary per user. If you have a history of bad ankles, I would say this is definitely recommended)
MT Pads (If you have a readily available and skilled training partner, these will do wonders for you. If you're strapped for cash, just get a large target shield or Focus Mitts-below)
Focus Mitts (See above. If you're trying to decide between Focus Mitts and MT Pads, go with Focus Mitts. You can do everything with Focus Mitts that you can do with MT Pads, and it will require that you be more precise when you train)

Sub By Armbar 06-20-2006 12:05 PM

Very quality lists Onganju. Don't forget rash guards though. Not always a must have but definitely good to have for grappling on a mat or carpet in my opinion.

Onganju 06-20-2006 07:23 PM

I would put Rash Guards as optional. In most cases, you can get away with rolling in sweater, jersey or hoodie and be covered (you just happen to create more handles for your training partner). However, if you do any sort of no-gi grappling on a serious basis (no-gi sessions at a dojo, or in competition) they are a must. Considering that you can get a decent rash Guard long sleeve for $20 to $30, it's not too much of an extra expense.

Hmmm... In a bit I'll throw up a listing with prices for everyone to look over.

Kameleon 06-22-2006 02:00 AM

Very well put together list, some of the stuff I already have. Good job.

Onganju 07-12-2006 12:13 AM

Summarized List With Prices
Here's the summarized list for both Grappling and Striking Gear. Some of the items cross over into both applications of training, making a lot of shopping list smaller than it would seem. I also went out of my way to browse around for prices, to give you a realistic window of how much you can expect to spend on getting a hold of this equipment.

Supporter and Cup Low Range: $9.99 High Range: $34.99
Mouth Piece/Guard Low Range: $1.99 High Range: $29.99
Support Shorts Low Range: $19.99 High Range: $29.99
Boxing Head Gear Low Range: $34.99 High Range: $69.99
Boxing Gloves Low Range: $17.99 High Range: $69.99
Knee Pads Low Range: $5.99 High Range: $21.99
Shin Guards Low Range: $7.99 High Range: $69.99
Large Target Shield Low Range: $19.99 High Range: $99.99

So for the Mandatory equipment, you're probably looking at a budget starting at around $120 to $430 (depending on the price of your equipment).

Wrestling Mats Low Range: $169.99 High Range: $344.99*
Wrestling Shoes Low Range: $34.99 High Range: $124.99
Grappling/MMA Gloves Low Range: $22.99 High Range: $59.99
Wrestling Head Gear Low Range: $15.99 High Range: $29.99
Heavy Bag Low Range $79.99 High Range: $179.99
Wrist Wraps Low Range: $3.99 High Range: $14.99
Instep/Foot Guards Low Range: $5.99 High Range: $79.99**
Ankle Support/Wraps Low Range: $9.99 High Range: $84.99
MT Pads Low Range: $51.99 High Range: $109.99***
Focus Mitts Low Range: $19.99 High Range: $59.99***

*This is for a single 4' X 8' size, foldable section of mats. 8' X 8' would be the minimum size needed to train. Price factored in for 2 sections.
**High range is for full leather Shin/Instep Guards.
***This is per pair (MT Pads and Focus Mitts)

For the optional equipment you would be looking at a starting budget of around $590 and up to $1435! I guess the moral of the story is:

Training for MMA ain't cheap.

Venom 07-13-2006 10:41 AM

You have everything jus about right. Wrestling mats aren't neccessary neither are shoes, grappling gloves or headgear, but they are useful to use if you have them.

The Don 07-13-2006 11:06 AM

well for a grappler grappling gloves are nice.. head gear is great for training to prevent unwanted injuries . and I personally used to train on Rattan flooors.. so yea mats are not needed.

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