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AppleCrisp 07-03-2009 12:06 AM

Buying First Gear
I just recently enrolled in an MMA gym and I like it so far, but I was thinking of getting gear for home so I could practice with my brother. I have been looking at these things from title mma.

Are those quality items? Also I was planning on getting the bigger gloves for my brother because he has a lot of weight on me and I don't wanna get seriously hurt. Would the 7 OZ be good for grappling as well? Any other gear I should get?

The Crusher 07-03-2009 01:22 AM

Welcome, with the gloves, as far as quality they should work for beginner. They are synthetic which doesnt usually hold up as well as leather but for the price they will do fine. More importantly you want to get wraps. If you jack your wrist up hitting a bag or mitts you could be out for a while.

I would get the title bag gloves(have thumb padding) or mma gloves (open palm no thumb pad)for practice, here is why. If you are getting something for the heavy bag and want thicker padding just get 12-14oz boxing gloves. The extra weight will help speed. You can grapple in safety gloves and bag or training gloves it's just a little awkward.

But if you intend on grappling and striking, I would just get the MMA gloves. When you hit a bag with MMA gloves you might start getting red areas or scuffs on your fingers. This will tell you that you are hitting it wrong.
If you are going to practice with your bro at home I would recommend the Title Incredi-ball focus mitts (comfy and work good) and you 2 can trade off. It takes a while to be a good mitt person. IMO it's harder working mitts than hitting them with combos.

As far as their shorts go I am not too familiar with them. I just ordered a pair of Sprawl v-flex ct shorts, Warrior MMA gloves and wraps, Title ankle supports... I will let you know how everything goes when my order comes in, should be by Mon. or Tue. at latest.

Tapout boardshorts hold up better than their long shorts. Their warmups are great. Shock doctor compression shorts/flexfit cup is great. I hit TJ Maxx for rash guards. This is just some of the gear that I have experience with.

AppleCrisp 07-03-2009 02:42 PM

One more thing, they have karate head gear for 5 dollars right now. Down from 35 because they won't sell karate stuff anymore. Would it be recommended to get them? Would it still work fine even though its for karate?

The Crusher 07-03-2009 07:17 PM

Not sure how it will do. It's definitely different than the usual boxing head gear used. I'm a firm believer in: If everyone trains MMA with MMA gear then I should train with MMA gear. but that's just me.

AppleCrisp 07-03-2009 09:45 PM

Well I do muay thai so I would rather have the thai pads so I can kick too. Would I only need 1 for punching and kicking? It would obviously work better in pairs but I ain't going all out.

EvolutionCJ 07-14-2009 02:58 PM

I'm going to agree with Perseus on a lot of points. Especially about the synthetic leather gloves. yes they are less expensive but in this industry you really get what you pay for. Those gloves are going to wear out a lot quicker than real leather and aren't going to protect you as well.

I'm saying this from experience because i tried to go with the cheaper product and ended up getting the more expensive stuff after i realized synthetic doesn't hold up well.

Title makes great stuff, i would check out their GEL line. I use their boxing gloves and are going to be getting the MMA sparring gloves soon because its so good.

As far as the thai pads when it comes to high kicks i would recommend two so you can get solid contact.

Good Luck with your training

The Crusher 07-14-2009 06:28 PM

Yes definitely get 2 thai pads. You will use them as both focus mitt and kick pad to work combos and at times support one pad with the other. I haven't had any experience with Title's Thai pads but I love the incredi-ball mitts so I am sure they will be good.

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