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droeel 10-29-2009 07:22 AM

MMA Training gear
Hey everyone.
Ok as you all can see its my first comment/thread in this forum so i hop its in the right forum.

I need to buy an mma gloves for training, and i have 2



But before you advising I want you to consider 2 things:

A. I heard that warrior gear is falling apart realy quickly(from 1 man so i dont know if to belive), but haybusa is better as far as i know though it cost more and I loved warrior gloves look better then the hayabusa.

B. The site I gave here is not where im gona buy from, Im gona buy from somone who imports equips to my country(not u.s lol)

C.Im also gona buy shin gaurds with the glove

So to include:
*which gloves and shins is better for me, warrior or haybusa(im training for a month but please dont offer other gloves cuase thats what is selling in my area)

*is somone here exprienced with warrior gloves/equipments and is it realy falling apart?

*if you say hayabusa should i take the first per of gloves or the second, they are diffrent as far as I can see.

thank you, ROEE

catosynister 11-15-2009 08:52 PM

Second pair of Hayabusa gloves, I'm ordering these this Friday. Hayabusa is some of the best gear around from what I've heard and it's been enough to convince me to go with them. You can also get Hayabusa shin guards that will work for you as well.

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