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DanielMedia 10-27-2010 04:49 PM

Muay Thai Virtual Trainer App for the iPhone and iPod Touch
Hi all,

I recently released an iPhone and iPod Touch app called iShadowBoxer. It is a virtual trainer that will guide you through a Muay Thai or Boxing workout. I'm trying to let people know about the app who might be interested in adding something like this to their workout.

Here's the app description:

Get fit, increase your reflexes, response time and the ability to defend yourself all while getting a great workout with iShadowBoxer. The virtual trainer will guide you through a series of Boxing or Muay Thai moves to give you a fun and challenging workout. Each time you use the app you'll have a completely unique workout that will always keep your body guessing!


* Lose weight and get fit all while doing a fun and dynamic workout.
* Includes video clips that show you how to perform the moves in the workout.
* Easily change the number of minutes per round and number of rounds to customize your workout.
* Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels get faster and include more challenging moves as you move up in skill.
* Select what you'd like your workout to focus on. Combos, footwork or kicks.
* Includes background ambient sound of a real boxing gym. Feel like you're training at a real gym wherever you are.
* Let's you switch between a traditional Boxing workout or a Muay Thai workout that also includes elbows, knees and kicks.
* Get a completely unique workout each time you use the app!

For more information, please visit

Thanks guys, I hope you might find the app useful. Please feel free to get in touch with me with any questions or comments.

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